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A consultant is helping a large company migrate its development environment to a public cloud provider. The
developers are working on a VDI solution. The development tools that employees utilize require greater control of the
OS environment. Which of the following cloud types should the consultant implement?
A. SaaS
B. PaaS
C. Bare metal service
D. IaaS
Correct Answer: D

An administrator has configured a new VM with the correct IP, netmask, and default gateway. However, even with the
vNIC showing a link and incoming and outgoing packets, the VM is unable to ping its default gateway. Which of the
following is MOST likely the reason the VM network connection is not functioning properly?
A. The VM is not connected to the correct virtual switch.
B. The VM does not have jumbo frames enabled.
C. The VM is not in the LUN masking configuration.
D. The VM has an incorrect WWN.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is asked to securely upload a configuration file to a web server in a cloud. Which of the following
protocols should be used in this scenario?
Correct Answer: C

A technician is converting a company\\’s physical server to a virtual server. Which of the following should the technician
do before migrating? (Select two.)
A. Assign server roles in the virtual environment.
B. Perform and verify a full system backup.
C. Perform and verify a full system snapshot.
D. Install guest management tools.
E. Ensure all applications are compatible in the virtual environment.
Correct Answer: AE

A server hosting file shares is an example of which of the following types of storage?
Correct Answer: B

An administrator needs to test that a service is responding to external requests. Which of the following tools can be
used to accomplish this task?
A. ping
B. tracert/traceroute
C. telnet
D. ipconfig/ifconfig
Correct Answer: B

An administrator of a credit card company needs to ensure that private cloud resources are allocated effectively, but
needs to utilize the agility of the public cloud during peak seasons. Which of the following would accomplish this?
A. Cloud bursting
B. Elasticity
C. Multi-tenancy
D. Self-service provisioning
Correct Answer: A

An organization is replacing its internal human resources system with a SaaS-based application. The solution is multitenant, and the organization wants to ensure ubiquitous access while preventing password replay attacks. Which of the
following would BEST help to mitigate the risk?
A. Implement destination resources authentication.
B. Require and implement two-factor authentication.
C. Remove administrator privileges from users\\’ laptops.
D. Combine network authentication and physical security in one card/token.
Correct Answer: B

A technician receives a report of system utilization:

Test-talk CV0-002 exam questions-q9

Which of the following additional resources should the technician add FIRST given the trend data shown above?
B. Disk
C. Bandwidth
Correct Answer: B

A cloud administrator is receiving alerts that the disk on several systems is 90% full. Upon reviewing the systems, the
administrator determines that the log directory is using 50% of the disk. The company has a 14-day retention policy for
all logs. Which of the following is the BEST solution to implement to minimize future alerts?
A. Orchestrate a job to rotate the logs and upload to external storage.
B. Delete any log files in the directory that are larger than 20MB.
C. Archive the existing logs in the directory and upload to external storage.
D. Add additional storage space to the log directory for the servers.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following would MOST likely require a cold migration?
A. Moving VMs between hosts on different continents
B. Moving VMs between hosts with different RAM configurations
C. Moving VMs between hosts with different CPU architectures
D. Moving VMs between hosts in different network segments
Correct Answer: C

Joe, a systems administrator, deployed a computer and storage for a system and took it to the application team. The
next day, the application team claimed the database was slow. The deployment request, result, and current utilization
data are shown below.

Test-talk CV0-002 exam questions-q12

Which of the following descriptions of the situation is correct?
A. The deployment was done with the wrong memory configuration.
B. The deployment was unsuccessful due to the cloud failure.
C. The deployment was successful, but the capacity planning was inaccurate.
D. The deployment was done with the wrong storage parameter.
Correct Answer: C

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