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What are two types of collectors for the JATP core engine? (Choose two.)
B. e-mail
C. Web
D. telemetry
Correct Answer: BC

What is the default timeout period for a TCP session in the session table of a Junos security device?
A. 1 minute
B. 60 minutes
C. 15 minutes
D. 30 minutes
Correct Answer: D

You must configure JSA to accept events from an unsupported third-party log source.
In this scenario, what should you do?
A. Separate event collection and flow collection on separate collectors.
B. Configure an RPM for a third-party device service module.
C. Configure JSA to silently discard unsupported log types.
D. Configure a universal device service module.
Correct Answer: D

You must fine tune an IPS security policy to eliminate false positives. You want to create exemptions to the normal
traffic examination for specific traffic.
Which two parameters are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. source IP address
B. destination IP address
C. destination port
D. source port
Correct Answer: AB

Click the Exhibit button.

Test-talk JN0-334 exam questions-q5

The output shown in the exhibit is displayed in which format?
A. syslog
B. sd-syslog
C. binary
Correct Answer: A

You are configuring a client-protection SSL proxy profile.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?
A. A server certificate is not used but a root certificate authority is used.
B. A server certificate and root certificate authority are not used.
C. A server certificate is used but a root certificate authority is not used.
D. A server certificate and a root certificate authority are both used.
Correct Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.

Test-talk JN0-334 exam questions-q7

Referring to the exhibit, you want to deploy Sky ATP with Policy Enforcer to block infected hosts at the access layer. To
complete this task, where should you configure the default gateway for the User-1 device?
A. the irb interface on QFX-2
B. the irb interface on QFX-1
C. the interface of QFX-1 that connects to User-1
D. the interface on SRX-1 that connects to QFX-2
Correct Answer: B

You are asked to enable AppTrack to monitor application traffic from hosts in the User zone destined to hosts in the
Internet zone. In this scenario, which statement is true?
A. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the Internet zone configuration.
B. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the ingress interface configuration associated with the Internet zone.
C. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the interface configuration associated with the User zone.
D. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the User zone configuration.
Correct Answer: D

You want to collect events and flows from third-party vendors.
Which solution should you deploy to accomplish this task?
A. Log Director
C. Policy Enforcer
D. Contrail
Correct Answer: B

Which statement is true about high availability (HA) chassis clusters for the SRX Series device?
A. Cluster nodes require an upgrade to HA compliant Routing Engines.
B. Cluster nodes must be connected through a Layer 2 switch.
C. There can be active/passive or active/active clusters.
D. HA clusters must use NAT to prevent overlapping subnets between the nodes.
Correct Answer: C

Which feature supports sandboxing of zero-day attacks?
A. Sky ATP
B. SSL proxy
D. high availability
Correct Answer: A

Which two settings must be enabled on the hypervisor in a vSRX deployment to ensure proper chassis cluster
operation? (Choose two.)
A. Control links must operate in promiscuous mode.
B. Control links must have an MTU of 9000.
C. Fabric links must operate in promiscuous mode.
D. Fabric links must have an MTU of 9000.
Correct Answer: AD

You are deploying the Junos application firewall feature in your network.
In this scenario, which two elements are mapped to applications in the application system cache? (Choose two.)
A. destination port
B. source port
C. destination IP address
D. source IP address
Correct Answer: AC

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