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Which is an opportunity indicator for a CiscoWorks network LAN Management Solution (LMS)?
A. a small insurance company hoping to cut toll-call costs to foreign branch offices
B. a growing enterprise wanting to automate and simplify diagnosing network problems at branch offices
C. a global enterprise deploying a converged network of voice, video, and data
D. an Internet service provider (ISP) needing to provide better quality of service (QoS) to its customers

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 2
Which technology provides the fastest and most reliable way to synchronize information between a primary and standby data center as a strategy to provide disaster recovery?
A. optical network
B. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
C. offsite content storage
D. digital subscriber line (DSL)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
Approximately 75% of all Cisco customers regularly update their Cisco IOS software. What is a potential consequence of not regularly updating Cisco IOS software?
A. Employee dissatisfaction could increase.
B. It could take longer to escalate calls within the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).
C. A customer may not be able to use all their software on their company network.
D. A customer could fall behind competitors in the market.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
Which interoperability standard provides a maximum speed on a wireless local-area network (WLAN) of 11 megabits per second?
A. 802.11b
B. 802.11a
C. service set identifier (SSID)
D. 802.11g

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
What is a wide-area network (WAN)?
A. a network that encompasses an entire city or metropolitan area and connects multiple local- area networks (LANs)
B. a network that is restricted to a single building, a group of buildings, or even a single room
C. a network that crosses metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries
D. a network that connects client devices wirelessly, using radio waves

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
Which Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) telephony product or series is a Windows-based application for the personal computer (PC) that supports end-user client functions, including the integration of contact directories and a drag-and-drop interface for conference calling?
A. Cisco SoftPhone
B. Cisco Conference Connection
C. Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS)
D. Cisco CallManager

Correct Answer: A
A Layer-2/3 switch increases traffic efficiency on the network by combining some of the functionalities of _____.
A. switches and access points
B. switches and Gigabit Ethernet
C. switches and routers
D. hubs and switches

Correct Answer: C
Internet Protocol TV broadcasting (IP/TV) is appropriate for which two business scenarios? (Choose two.)
A. a pharmaceutical organization that wants to provide daily updates on competitor products and any external awards or news coverage the company receives
B. an accounting firm that wants to deliver monthly training sessions to global finance personnel who need to access sessions at different times, depending on branch locations
C. a global fast-food franchise that needs to coach new managers on best practices in customer service and leadership behaviors and answer questions from the audience
D. a manufacturing facility that needs to provide updated training on proper equipment usage and to allow operators to hear and see peers at all participating sites
Correct Answer: AB
What is a typical obstacle that unsupported customers may experience?
A. inability to escalate non-technical issues
B. re-routing to outsourced technical support agents
C. fewer priority level options
D. lower priority in the call queue when escalating to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
Correct Answer: D
What is the Cisco goal for positioning in the marketplace?
A. to be in the top 10% in every market in which Cisco participates
B. to be in the top 1% in every market in which Cisco participates
C. to be first or second in every market in which Cisco participates
D. to be first in every market in which Cisco participates
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 11
Which network component can be considered a host?
A. workstation
B. printer
C. switch
D. hub

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 12
Which is an opportunity indicator for a CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager (QPM) solution?
A. a midsize insurance company hoping to cut toll-call costs to foreign branch offices
B. a growing enterprise wanting to automate and simplify diagnosing network problems at branch offices
C. an Internet service provider (ISP) needing to provide better quality of service (QoS) to its customers
D. a global enterprise needing end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for a converged voice, video, and data network

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 13
What does a router do?
A. reads Media Access Control (MAC) addresses to forward messages to the correct location and connects the local-area network (LAN) to the wide-area network (WAN)
B. routes traffic down alternative paths and connects the local-area network (LAN) to the wide- area network (WAN)
C. stores data on the network and connects the local-area network (LAN) to the wide-area network (WAN)
D. broadcasts data to all devices that are connected to it across the local-area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN)

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 14
What is the purpose of authentication components in a network security solution?
A. to validate the identity of users who connect to the network
B. to limit the availability of network resources by defining the usage privileges of authorized users
C. to block unwanted connections and content from both internal and external sources
D. to create virtual connections between validated remote users and a private network

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
Which technology creates an encrypted tunnel through a shared public network infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide a secure connection between endpoints?
A. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
B. Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP)
C. digital subscriber line (DSL)
D. optical networking

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 16
What are five layers in the OSI model? (Choose five.)
A. gateway
B. physical
C. data link
D. transport
E. protocol
F. application
G. session

Correct Answer: BCDFG
Which feature does the Cisco IOS provide for networks?
A. network management that automates moves, adds, and changes
B. network management that automates transaction backups
C. network intelligence that enables business-critical applications
D. content routing that pushes high-priority media to the network edge

Correct Answer: C
The Aironet 1100 and 1200 Series components are intended to support which network technology?
A. campus local-area network (LAN)
B. wireless network
C. metropolitan-area network (MAN)
D. high-speed access

Correct Answer: B
The employees of an organization meet regularly in conference rooms for project updates and presentations. Which need of this organization can be met by a wireless solution?
A. having freedom of movement within a network range
B. ensuring secure presentations
C. providing a temporary network need
D. augmenting an existing network
Correct Answer: A
Which content network component is primarily used to store and deliver content from the network edge?
A. content engine
B. content router
C. Content Distribution Manager (CDM)
D. content switch
Correct Answer: A
Which Cisco product allows customers to centrally manage their network security policies?
A. Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)
B. Cisco Virtual Private Network/Security Management Solution (VMS)
C. Cisco Security Posture Assessment (SPA)
D. Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM)

Correct Answer: B
A landscape architecture company wants to increase productivity by deploying new multiservice applications, including collaborative online design workshops, web-enabled call centers, and real- time distance learning. Which Cisco solution matches this business need?
A. network security
B. storage-area network (SAN)
C. wireless local-area network (WLAN)
D. Internet Protocol (IP) telephony

Correct Answer: D
What are two tasks the network gatekeeper performs in an Internet Protocol videoconferencing (IP/VC) system? (Choose two.)
A. registers participant requests
B. delivers requests for video on demand (VoD)
C. enables communication between IP and legacy video terminals
D. controls network traffic

Correct Answer: AD
Which networking technology optimizes the processing of requests for and delivery of popular web and rich-media content files to sources that are closer to the user?
A. wireless local-area network (WLAN)
B. network management
C. content networking
D. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
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