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Exam Code: 70-487
Exam Name: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services
Q&As: 113

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70-487 dumps

You are designing a system that has a Bastion host. This component needs to be highly available without
human intervention.
Which of the following approaches would you select?
A. Run the bastion on two instances one in each AZ
B. Run the bastion on an active Instance in one AZ and have an AMI ready to boot up in the event of
C. Configure the bastion instance in an Auto Scaling group Specify the Auto Scaling group to in- clude
multiple AZs but have a min-size of 1 and max-size of 1
D. Configure an ELB in front of the bastion instance
70-487 exam Correct Answer: C
Which of the following statements about this S3 bucket policy is true?
A. Denies the server with the IP address 192 168 100 0 full access to the “mybucket” bucket
B. Denies the server with the IP address 192 168 100 188 full access to the “mybucket” bucket

C. Grants all the servers within the 192 168 100 0/24 subnet full access to the “mybucket” bucket
D. Grants all the servers within the 192 168 100 188/32 subnet full access to the “mybucket” bucket
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following requires a custom CloudWatch metric to monitor?
A. Data transfer of an EC2 instance
B. Disk usage activity of an EC2 instance
C. Memory Utilization of an EC2 instance
D. CPU Utilization of an EC2mstance
70-487 dumps Correct Answer: B
You run a web application where web servers on EC2 Instances are In an Auto Scaling group Monitoring
over the last 6 months shows that 6 web servers are necessary to handle the mini- mum load During the
day up to 12 servers are needed Five to six days per year, the number of web servers required might go
up to 15.
What would you recommend to minimize costs while being able to provide hill availability?
A. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization). 6 Reserved instances {medium utilization), rest cov- ered by
On-Demand instances
B. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization). 6 On-Demand instances, rest covered by Spot In- stances
C. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization) 6 Spot instances, rest covered by On-Demand in- stances
D. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization) 6 Reserved instances (medium utilization) rest cov- ered by
Spot instances
Correct Answer: C
You have been asked to propose a multi-region deployment of a web-facing application where a controlled
portion of your traffic is being processed by an alternate region.
Which configuration would achieve that goal?
A. Route53 record sets with weighted routing policy
B. Route53 record sets with latency based routing policy
C. Auto Scaling with scheduled scaling actions set
D. Elastic Load Balancing with health checks enabled
70-487 pdf Correct Answer: D
You have set up Individual AWS accounts for each project. You have been asked to make sure your AWS
Infrastructure costs do not exceed the budget set per project for each month.
Which of the following approaches can help ensure that you do not exceed the budget each month?
A. Consolidate your accounts so you have a single bill for all accounts and projects
B. Set up auto scaling with CloudWatch alarms using SNS to notify you when you are running too many
Instances in a given account
C. Set up CloudWatch billing alerts for all AWS resources used by each project, with a notifica- tion
occurring when the amount for each resource tagged to a particular project matches the bud- get
allocated to the project.
D. Set up CloudWatch billing alerts for all AWS resources used by each account, with email no- tifications
when it hits 50%. 80% and 90% of its budgeted monthly spend
Correct Answer: C
When creation of an EBS snapshot Is initiated but not completed the EBS volume?
A. Cannot De detached or attached to an EC2 instance until me snapshot completes
B. Can be used in read-only mode while me snapshot is in progress
C. Can be used while me snapshot Is in progress
D. Cannot be used until the snapshot completes
70-487 vce Correct Answer: C
You are using ElastiCache Memcached to store session state and cache database queries in your
infrastructure You notice in Cloud Watch that Evictions and GetMisses are Doth very high.
What two actions could you take to rectify this?
Choose 2 answers
A. Increase the number of nodes in your cluster
B. Tweak the max-item-size parameter
C. Shrink the number of nodes in your cluster
D. Increase the size of the nodes in the duster
Correct Answer: BD
You are running a database on an EC2 instance, with the data stored on Elastic Block Store (EBS) for
persistence At times throughout the day, you are seeing large variance in the response times of the
database queries Looking into the instance with the isolate command you see a lot of wait time on the disk
volume that the database’s data is stored on.
What two ways can you improve the performance of the database’s storage while maintaining the current
persistence of the data? Choose 2 answers
A. Move to an SSD backed instance

B. Move the database to an EBS-Optimized Instance
C. T Use Provisioned IOPs EBS
D. Use the ephemeral storage on an m2 4xiarge Instance Instead
70-487 exam Correct Answer: AB

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