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The PVDM slots on the motherboard of the Cisco 2800 and 3800 ISR are used for what purpose?
A. to support the onboard TDM switch
B. to support the high-performance AIM modules
C. to support the integrated DSPs for voice termination, conferencing and transcoding
D. to support built-in VPN acceleration providing high-performance Crypto offload
E. to support the EVM

Correct Answer: C
What does the Cisco Unified Communications solution use to protect against unauthorized telephones joining the IP telephony network?
A. application-layer inspection
B. call encryption
D. phone authentication
E. intrusion prevention

Correct Answer: D
Which of these spanning tree mechanisms can be used to ensure that access switches cannot become transit nodes in a spanning tree?
A. UplinkFast
B. root guard
C. loop guard
D. BPDU guard
E. PortFast
F. BPDU filter
Correct Answer: B
What three network applications are enabled via Cisco NetFlow? (Choose three.)
A. topology mapping
B. security analysis
C. user profiling
D. application profiling
E. quality of service
F. network modeling
Correct Answer: BCD
Which two of these features can be managed by the Cisco SDM application? (Choose two.)
C. IPsec VPN
D. QoS policy
E. PoE power consumption

Correct Answer: CD
Which WAN type provides the most secure transport?
A. IPsec over MPLS VPN
B. dial-up connection over a circuit-switched network
C. Private WAN
D. Internet with SLA
E. Frame Relay

Correct Answer: A

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