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Which two of these protocols can be used to provide secure connectivity when connecting a branch office to the campus core? (Choose two.)
B. IPsec
C. L2TP over IPsec
E. IP in IP

Correct Answer: BC
Your network includes a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch with an FWSM module. You need Layer 2 connectivity between two routers located on different firewall interfaces. Which feature will you need in order to provide this connectivity?
A. router mode
B. stateful firewall
C. two FWSM modules in failover mode
D. transparent mode
E. virtual firewall
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 35
Your customer is opening a branch office housing 30 employees. It is beginning to implement IP Phones and plans on deploying a centralized Cisco CallManager cluster. Which two Cisco products should be deployed at the branch office to support IP Phones immediately while allowing migration to the centralized cluster when it is available? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: AD
You have received an RFP from a potential client to design a network for a new corporate campus. This campus will encompass administration, sales, and R&D, and it will pull all the distributed IT functions into a new data center. The campus will consist of five buildings, each with four floors. The buildings will be linked via high-strand-count, single-mode fiber-optic cable to the new data center in building 3. Each building will have an MDF with at least one telco closet per floor and at least two runs of Category 5 UTP cable will go to each work location. Multistrand multimode will connect each telco closet to the MDF. Each MDF will have dedicated power circuits and be backed up by batteries in the basement of each building and a generator. The corporation will require 3500 TDM telephones and approximately 100 of these will be in a call center in building 2. The corporation needs to increase collaboration in the workforce. Employees need the flexibility to be able to move from one floor to another or from one building to another to accomplish their jobs. Managers also need this flexibility without losing connectivity to the corporate network or their phones. Building 4 will house R&D. This portion of the network requires connectivity to the Internet, but it also must restrict which employees have access to certain parts of the R&D network. The data center will house all connections to the Internet and to the PSTN. The corporation also provides access to customers for customized applications support. A network operations center will monitor and maintain the network on a 365/24/7 basis. Which advanced technologies will be applicable to answering this RFP? (Choose three.)
A. data center
B. storage
C. IP communications
D. security
E. routing and switching
Correct Answer: ABD
Which three statements are correct regarding SDMv2.0? (Choose three.)
A. extends its scope to other functions besides security, such as QoS policy configuration
B. supports only HTTPS access, and not HTTP
C. provides industry-leading security management tool available for all Cisco router and Catalyst switch platforms
D. supports role-based access
E. supports smart wizards with built-in intelligence about recommended Cisco IOS configurations for different use scenarios

Correct Answer: ADE
Your customer is deploying a server cluster using Cisco InfiniBand Server Switches. The customer wishes to connect the server cluster to its existing Ethernet campus. Which product should be used?
A. SFS 3000
B. SFS 7000
C. Catalyst 6500
D. ASA 5500

Correct Answer: A

You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Interface serial 1 is a 128-kbps Frame Relay connection. What does the command frame-relay adaptive-shaping becn configure the router to do?
A. allows bursts to 128 kbps and sets the BECN bit when 80 kbps is exceeded
B. allows bursts to 80 kbps and throttles traffic down to the minCIR value when a frame is received with the BECN bit set
C. sends a frame with the BECN bit set when the committed burst size is exceeded
D. allows bursts to 80 kbps and sets the BECN bit when 72 kbps is exceeded
E. allows bursts to 128 kbps and throttles traffic down to the minCIR value when a frame is received with the BECN bit set

Correct Answer: E
Exhibit: You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. The customer needs to implement the network topology shown. The path Certkiller 2- Certkiller 3- Certkiller 5 has a cost of 10, and the path Certkiller 2- Certkiller 4- Certkiller 5 has a cost of 20. After analyzing the exhibit, do you believe that load sharing can occur over these two paths?

A. only by using OSPF, because the SPF calculation will flood all the domain information to all OSPF areas
B. only if using EIGRP and as long as the Certkiller 2- Certkiller 4- Certkiller 5 link is proven to be loop free, load sharing is possible in proportion to the link costs.
C. only if using MPLS, and router F and router A are eBGP neighbors
D. yes, if using IS-IS and you have tuned the timers for the SPF calculation
E. yes, if using RIP and the command parameter max-paths 2 has been configured

Correct Answer: B
Which two types of mechanisms can be used to provide load balancing across parallel links in a redundant campus network? (Choose two.)
B. 802.1Q
C. EtherChannel link aggregation
D. Cisco Express Forwarding load balancing
E. QoS

Correct Answer: CD
Which two of these are features of the Cisco 2851 Integrated Services Router, but not features of Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers? (Choose two.)
A. Power over Ethernet support for 10/100 Ethernet ports
B. 32-Gbps switching bus
C. Cisco SDM for simplified management
D. built-in wireless module
E. slots dedicated to Cisco High-Density Analog and Digital Extension Module for Voice and Fax
F. two integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports

Correct Answer: EF
Which three of these are features of the Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches? (Choose three.)
A. stackable
B. fixed configuration
C. redundant power supplies
D. Power over Ethernet
E. one RU
F. Layer 2 through Layer 7 switching capabilities

Correct Answer: BCE
To improve performance on the ISR platforms when supporting concurrent integrated services, the network modules, HWICs, AIMs, and DSPs connect directly into which hardware component?
B. PCI bus
C. custom ASIC
D. crossbar bus
E. SCSI bus
Correct Answer: C
Exhibit: You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Which would be a benefit of designing the OSPF network as shown?

A. Routes can be redistributed within the individual areas.
B. Route summarization is enabled by default in this type of configuration.
C. The backbone area does not need any internal routers.
D. Route summarization configuration at the ABRs is greatly simplified.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 46
Which is a reliable network auditing methodology for discovering applications on the network and their usage characteristics?
A. Conduct a network inventory of servers and applications installed on them.
B. Interview system administrators regarding the networked applications.
C. Place a sniffer device on the network to grasp a snapshot of traffic on the network.
D. Conduct a network usage study over a given period of time.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 47
Exhibit: You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Your client has merged with another company and has decided to deploy an MPLS VPN to connect that company with its network. Which situation will be the result of implementing an MPLS VPN network?

A. The MPLS backbone, the P routers, will require BGP to be implemented to be able to label-switch packets from PE1 to PE2.
B. The PE routers will not install the backbone IGP routes in the global routing table, but rather in the MPLS backbone VRF.
C. The PE routers will have been configured to run MPLS with the CE routers.
D. The PE routers will install the routes learned from the P routers in the appropriate VRF.
E. The P and PE routers will share a common IGP.

Correct Answer: E
When issuing the Cisco IOS command show power in the Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch, which four types of information can be gathered? (Choose four.)
A. IOS revision level
B. power capacity in watts and amperage by chassis and line card
C. line card revision
D. operational state
E. power supply fan status
F. line card administrative state and slot location
Correct Answer: BDEF

You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. What are three key benefits of implementing this branch solution using the components listed? (Choose three.)
A. provides integrated configuration of both routing and switching functions under a single Cisco IOS instance.
B. switch ports can be stacked with external Catalyst Series switches using Cisco StackWise technology
C. maximizes concurrent routing and switching performance by using local processors and switching engines
D. provides feature parity with the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series of switches
E. supports standard 802.3af PoE

Correct Answer: CDE
You have been given a contract to consolidate the Cisco Catalysts 6500 services available at the headquarters office of Acme Enterprises. The Acme Enterprises management team wants to deploy application infrastructure control, security, and simplicity in design. Which Cisco Catalyst service module should you recommend?
A. ACE module
B. IDS module
C. Network Analysis Module
D. Content Services Module with SSL
E. Anomaly Guard Module

Correct Answer: A

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