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Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Which would be a
benefit of designing the OSPF network as shown?

A. Routes can be redistributed within the individual areas.
B. The backbone area does not need any internal routers.
C. Route summarization is enabled by default in this type of configuration.
D. Route summarization configuration at the ABRs is greatly simplified.

Correct Answer: D
You are required to upgrade the network of a multistory branch office building to support Cisco 7970 IP Phones throughout. Given that each phone uses 15.4 W, how many phones can a Cisco Catalyst 3750 support using Cisco Intelligent Power Management in a 48-port PoE configuration?
A. 32
B. 8
C. 48
D. 24
E. 16

Correct Answer: D
Which type of network traffic is characterized as smooth, benign, drop-sensitive, and delay-sensitive and is typically UDP based?
A. voice to voice
B. data to data
C. voice to video
D. video to data
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 144
In the Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch, which slots support the Supervisor Engine 720 and Supervisor Engine 32?
A. slots 7 and 8
B. any slot
C. slots 1 and 2
D. slots 5 and 6
E. slots 12 and 13

Correct Answer: A
You are working with a client that has deployed CiscoWorks LMS in conjunction with an IP communications solution. The client has a current requirement to track IP communications end stations. Which CiscoWorks LMS component would the client need to use?
A. CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials
B. CiscoWorks CiscoView
C. CiscoWorks Device Fault Manager
D. CiscoWorks Internetwork Performance Monitor
E. CiscoWorks Campus Manager
Correct Answer: E
In a Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch, in which slots can the Sup2 card be installed?
A. slots 1 and 2
B. any slot
C. slots 1 through 9
D. slots 3 and 4
E. slots 5 and 6
Correct Answer: E

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