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In a virtual port channel (vPC) configuration, VRRP exhibits which characteristic?
A. VRRP does not work with vPC due to industry standard requirements
B. VRRP works with vPC in traditional active/standby modes
C. VRRP works with vPC in an active/active mode
D. VRRP work with vPC as long as vPC peer-gateway is configured to address non-standard replies to the physical MAC address

Correct Answer: C
On Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches, where are the virtual output queues implemented, and what is the main purpose of virtual output queues?
A. on all ingress interfaces; to ensure maximum throughput on a per-egress, per-CoS basis
B. on all ingress interfaces; to provide independent congestion management and 16 queues
C. on all egress interfaces; so that a congested egress port does not affect traffic directed to other egress ports
D. on all egress interfaces; to prevent head-of-line blocking by utilizing multiple virtual output queues
E. on all egress interfaces; to be able to use EEE 802.1p CoS

Correct Answer: A
On the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, Control Plane Policing is enforced on which component?
A. The supervisor module enforces CoPP before out-of-policy traffic reaches the CPU
B. The fabric modules enforce CoPP in the fabric before out-of-policy traffic reaches the CPU
C. The linecards enforce CoPP locally before out-of-policy traffic reaches the CPU
D. The egress virtual output queue enforces CoPP locally before out-of-policy traffic reaches the CPU

Correct Answer: C
2012 Feb 23 23:00:08.676710 pim: [16132] (default-base) Received unauthenticated hello- message from on Ethernet1/18, message discarded 2012 Feb 23 23:00:12.528763 pim: [16132] (default-base) Send Hello with AH on Ethernet1/18 from, holdtimE. 105 secs, dr-priority: 1
You are troubleshooting a PIM neighbor adjacency that is not coming up. You issued the command show ip pim neighbor e1/18 and confirmed there is no PIM neighbor on the interface.
What is the problem based on the debug output?
A. The peer router has PIM disabled on its interface connecting to Ethernet1/18.
B. The peer router has the wrong PIM password configured on its interface connecting to Ethernet1/18.
C. The local router has the wrong PIM password configured on Ethernet1/18.
D. The peer router does not have PIM hello authentication enabled on its interface connecting to Ethernet1/18.
E. The local router does not have PIM hello authentication enabled for Ethernet1/18.
Correct Answer: D
What is the benefit of using Anycast RP via RFC 4610 for IP multicast RP redundancy?
A. Improves convergence of the multicast network due to enhanced RPF checks
B. Simplifies the number of control plane protocols over other RP redundancy methods
C. Eliminates the use of Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) in the topology
D. Increases the administrative distances in Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) configuration
Correct Answer: B
Which statement best describes ACL configuration using configuration session mode on Cisco Nexus switches?
A. The verify command will validate commands entered for syntax errors.
B. The save command will save the commands entered to the startup configuration.
C. The network administrator can perform a dry-run ACL configuration by verifying the configuration against the hardware and software resources available before applying it.
D. Configuration sessions can be saved and resumed at any time, even after upgrading NX-OS Software on the switch with ISSU.
E. Configuration sessions are global for all VDCs on the Nexus 7000.
Correct Answer: C
Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) uses the Authoritative Edge Device (AED) to perform which tasks?
A. The AED is responsible for sending all unicast traffic in a site, while either node in a site can transmit multicast and broadcast.
B. The AED is responsible for load balancing all traffic for all VLANs across the transport network.
C. The AED is responsible for handling all unicast, broadcast, and multicast traffic for a given VLAN within a site.
D. The AED is responsible for MAC address dispute contention for a given VLAN.

Correct Answer: C
Which three statements about the DHCP snooping feature on Cisco Nexus switches are true? (Choose three.)
A. DHCP snooping commands are not available until the feature is enabled with the feature dhcp-snooping command.
B. When you enable the DHCP snooping feature, the switch begins building and maintaining the DHCP snooping binding database.
C. The switch will not validate DHCP messages received or use the DHCP snooping binding database to validate subsequent requests from untrusted hosts until DHCP snooping is enabled globally and for each specific VLAN.
D. Globally disabling DHCP snooping removes all DHCP snooping configuration on the switch.
E. Globally disabling DHCP snooping does not remove any DHCP snooping configuration or the configuration of other features that are dependent upon the DHCP snooping feature.

Correct Answer: BCE
Which three statements describe user authentication in Cisco DCNM-LAN? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco DCNM-LAN server users are local to the Cisco DCNM-LAN server. Creating, changing, and removing Cisco DCNM-LAN server users has no effect on user accounts on managed devices.
B. A Cisco DCNM-LAN server user that has Administrator privileges can push out changes to managed devices even if the Cisco NX-OS role that is used on the discovered device has the network operator role.
C. Cisco DCNM-LAN user roles restrict the ability of users to make changes to Cisco DCNM- LAN server settings. Cisco NX-OS user roles enforce read/write privileges on the discovered devices.
D. Cisco DCNM-LAN allows you to configure unique credentials for each discovered device or use default credentials when you do not configure unique credentials for a device.
E. Cisco DCNM-LAN can use AAA servers to authenticate users. Only TACACS servers are supported.

Correct Answer: ACD
Nexus# conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Nexus(config)# interface Loopback10 % Permission denied Nexus(config)# ? no Negate a command or set its defaults username Configure user information. end Go to exec mode exit Exit from command interpreter
What is the reason why this user is not able to enter configuration commands?
A. The user did not enter enable prior to going into configuration mode.
B. The software license installed on Nexus is Layer 2 only, which does not allow the creation of Layer 3 interfaces.
C. The user RBAC role is set to network-operator.
D. The user failed authentication and user access defaulted to read-only mode.
E. The AAA server is currently not responding.

Correct Answer: C
Which three statements describe the configuration change management feature in DCNM LAN? (Choose three.)
A. Switch profiles allow configurations to be synchronized between switches and are supported with any Cisco NX-OS Software managed device.
B. DCNM LAN can archive configurations from devices even if they are not managed by the DCNM server, and the administrator can supply the device management IP address and credentials.
C. You can archive a maximum of 50 configuration versions per managed device.
D. Managed devices must be licensed in DCNM LAN before they can be used with configuration change management.
E. Device-running configuration will be archived only if it differs from the last archived version.
Correct Answer: CDE
Which three statements best describe HSRP configuration on Cisco Nexus switches? (Choose three.)
A. In a vPC topology, the primary HSRP router will respond to ARP requests, but both HSRP routers will forward data traffic. No additional configuration is required.
B. In a vPC topology, the primary HSRP router will respond to ARP requests, but both HSRP routers will forward data traffic if the peer-gateway feature is enabled.
C. You can configure two overlapping HSRP groups to load share traffic from the connected hosts while providing the default router redundancy.
D. You can use the show standby command to verify HSRP operation and configuration.
E. If you remove the feature hsrp command, all relevant HSRP configuration information is also removed.
Correct Answer: ACE
Which statement describes SNMP functionality in Cisco NX-OS Software?
A. NX-OS Software supports one instance of SNMP globally for all VDCs; however, MIB counters are collected and reported individually per VDC.
B. SNMP must be enabled with the feature snmp command before any SNMP configuration is possible.
C. SNMP is always enabled by default in NX-OS Software and cannot be disabled.
D. NX-OS Software supports 3DES and AES for SNMPv3 message encryption.
E. SNMP always uses the default VRF on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches.

Correct Answer: D
Which statement describes the graceful restart capability in Cisco NX-OS Software?
A. In NX-OS Software, the OSPFv2 graceful restart extension is Cisco proprietary and is only compatible with other Cisco routers.
B. A graceful restart allows OSPFv2 to remain in the data forwarding path through a process restart. When OSPFv2 needs to restart, it first sends a type 8 LSA, which includes a grace period that tells NSF helpers to keep all LSAs that originated from the restarting interface.
C. Graceful restart helps keep an NX-OS system forwarding traffic transparently even if it experiences a cold reboot.
D. If the restarting OSPFv2 interface does not come back up before the end of the grace period, or if the network experiences a topology change, the OSPFv2 neighbors tear down adjacency with the restarting OSPFv2 interface and treat it as a normal OSPFv2 restart.
E. OSPFv3 graceful restart must be disabled before doing an ISSU.

Correct Answer: D
Which statement describes the XML management interface in Cisco NX-OS Software?
A. The following XML-based NETCONF operations are supported in NX-OS SoftwarE. close- session, copy-config, delete-config, and edit-config.
B. The following XML-based NETCONF operations are supported in NX-OS SoftwarE. close- session, copy-config, edit-config, and kill-session.
C. NX-OS Software supports up to a maximum of 16 concurrent XML sessions.
D. Only show commands are supported via the XML management interface in NX-OS Software.
E. The NX-OS implementation of the XML-based NETCONF requires SSH to be used for communication with the device.

Correct Answer: E
Cisco FabricPath uses what as a common bridge ID to connected Spanning Tree Protocol bridges?
A. C84C.75FA.6000
B. 0100.5E11.02FD
C. C84C.76FA.6000
D. 4000.0000.0001

Correct Answer: A
Which statement describes OTV configuration on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches?
A. The OTV control-plane protocol uses the IS-IS protocol to establish adjacencies and exchange MAC reachability across the overlay network. You must enable IS-IS with the feature isis command before OTV adjacencies can be established.
B. OTV uses an SSM group range for neighbor discovery and to exchange MAC reachability with other OTV edge peers.
C. The OTV join interface is a routed uplink interface on the edge device used to physically join the overlay network.
D. The OTV internal interface encapsulates the site Layer 2 frames in IP unicast or multicast packets that are then sent to the other sites.

Correct Answer: C
How are IP multicast IGMP entries synchronized between vPC peers?
A. IGMP is not synchronized between vPC peers
B. Cisco Fabric Service carries IGMP entries across the vPC peer link
C. IP ARP synchronization under the vPC domain configuration also synchronizes IGMP
D. IGMP is flooded to the L2 domain, and there is no need to synchronize it between vPC peers
Correct Answer: B
Which option describes the default roles available to RBAC on Cisco Nexus switches?
A. admin, operator, network-admin, and network-operator
B. admin, read-only, network-admin, and network-operator
C. vdc-admin, vdc-operator, network-admin, and network-operator
D. vdc-admin, vdc-operator, network-admin, and network-operator (for Nexus 7000) and network-admin and network-operator (for other Nexus switches)
E. admin and read-only
Correct Answer: D
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