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Which three profit drivers are most important when selling Cisco security? (Choose three.)
A. emphasizing product and service specs and capabilities
B. becoming a security specialized partner
C. steering customers toward the unique capabilities offered by on-premises security products
D. attending Selling Security for Partners role-based training
E. selling multiple services over multiple years
F. recommending high performance products to meet possible future needs
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two APIs does Cisco Meraki offer out of the box? (Choose two.)
A. dashboard API
B. scanning API
C. client device monitoring API
D. automated failover API
E. remote logging API
Correct Answer: AC

Which two Cisco Aironet access points offer dual 5 GHz radio assignment? (Choose two.)
A. Aironet 3800
B. Aironet 1830
C. Aironet 1850
D. Aironet 2800
E. Aironet 1815
Correct Answer: AD
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3850/software/release/163/configuration_guide/b_163_consolidated_3850_cg/b_163_consolidated_3850_cg_chapter_01010101.pdf page 1

Which option is the scalable management and bulk configuration tool used to manage Cisco Meraki MS switch ports?
A. virtual stacking
B. bulk templates
C. aggregation configuration
D. topology management
Correct Answer: C

Which options is the name of the process by which an organization\\’s license expiration dates are automatically aligned
for simple management?
A. blended elapse
B. co-termination
C. weighted usage
D. aggregated expiry
Correct Answer: B

Which two products are considered a part of the Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two.)
A. Aironet wireless access points
B. Catalyst switches
C. MR wireless access points
D. UCS servers
E. MX security appliances
Correct Answer: CE

Which three characteristics of the use of a Cisco SMB router in a small-box retail establishment are true? (Choose
A. provides integrated security
B. requires a switch for wired LAN ports
C. has a large physical footprint
D. provides integrated wireless
E. creates a single point of failure
F. create complex management
Correct Answer: ADE

Which Cisco Series routers support the use of the GUI Cisco Configuration Professional tool?
A. Cisco RV Series
B. Cisco Meraki Series
C. Cisco 800 ISR Series
D. Cisco 4000 ISR Series
Correct Answer: D

Which description of the Cisco Meraki data center design is true?
A. hybrid cloud and on-premises deployment compromised of custom designed servers for real-time replication of data
B. regional availability providing data-on-demand that replicates customer data and applications across a global
C. close partnership with hundreds of third-party hosting facilities that integrate with existing controls in on-premises
D. globally distributed, co-located SSAE16 (SAS70 type II) certified data centers offering 99.99% uptime SLA
Correct Answer: D

Which three zero-touch Cisco plug-and-play options for deploying Cisco Mobility Express are true? (Choose three.)
A. SDN controller cloud
B. private-cloud on-premises
C. Cisco umbrella cloud
D. Cisco mobility controller cloud
E. hybrid cloud
F. Cisco cloud redirect
Correct Answer: ABF

In which two ways does the MX security appliance achieve automatic failover and high availability? (Choose two.)
A. warm spare (using VRRP)
B. dual redundant uplink support (multiple ISPs)
C. always on (availability groups)
D. Survivable Remote Site Telephone
E. redundant gateways (using HSRP)
Correct Answer: AB
Reference: https://meraki.cisco.com/technologies/failover-and-ha

Which two resources and tools are available within the Cisco Meraki Partner Portal? (Choose two.)
A. API developer files and virtual sandboxes for proof of concept testing
B. Cisco Meraki Support ticket/case management and live help
C. backup login page for the Cisco Meraki dashboard
D. registration for Cisco Meraki training series and previous webinar training recordings
E. lead generation tools including custom referral links and templates to webinars.
Correct Answer: BC

Which feature does the Cisco Catalyst 2960-L switch uniquely offer that competitors like HP, Juniper, and Dell do not offer in their SMB-class switches?
A. persistent PoE
B. fanless operation
C. web GUI and CLI
D. PoE + (802.3at) support
Correct Answer: A

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