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Exam Code: 70-775
Exam Name: Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure HDInsight (beta)
Q&As: 102

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70-775 dumps

Which two views are available in the Job Monitor in Symantec Backup Exec 2010? (Select two.)
A. Job List
B. Calendar
C. System Summary
D. Alerts
E. System Detail
70-775 exam Answer: A,B
Which utility can collect the Symantec Backup Exec 2010 log files?
A. VxGather.exe
B. VxCollect.exe
C. SGMon.exe
D. SymCollect.exe
Answer: A
Which Restore Selections view displays a list of protected servers regardless of which media
contains the data?
A. View by Computer
B. View by Server

C. View by Resource
D. View Selection Details
70-775 dumps Answer: C
A restore job fails with access denied errors. What is the next step that should be taken?
A. start the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine
B. enable restore rights in Logon Account Management
C. check the restore job credentials for appropriate rights
D. change the logon account for the Backup Exec Remote Agent
Answer: A
An administrator needs to restore several different versions of an existing file. Which option should
be chosen?
A. Restore Redirection
B. Restore Versions
C. File Versioning
D. File Redirection
70-775 pdf Answer: D
What is the purpose of a temporary staging area in Symantec Backup Exec 2010?
A. uses a cache area to apply encryption to data during backup
B. allows individual items to be recovered from a tape-based image
C. allows database backups to be cataloged enabling granular recovery
D. uses available system RAM to process datadeduplication during backup
Answer: B
Expected restore item selections are missing in the View by Resource and View by Media restore
browse trees. What are two possible causes of this situation (Select two.)
A. The expected backup selection exists outside of the beginning and ending backup date range.
B. The expected backup selection is contained on media that is renamed.
C. The expected backup selection is contained on media that is expired and overwritten.
D. The Symantec Backup Exec 2010 services need to be restarted after cataloging the media.
E. The expected server is deselected in the Restore Selections Filter.
70-775 vce Answer: A,C
Which job requires the use of a temporary staging area?
A. an authoritative restore of Active Directory, based on LTO4 media
B. a restore of a mailbox from a GRT-enabled backup, residing on LTO4 media
C. a job to recover an entire Microsoft Exchange Information Store from LTO4 media
D. a GRT-enabled media set that is opt-duped from site A to site B
Answer: B
After configuring Backup Exec Retrieve (BE Retrieve), the administrator forgot to email the link to
end users. How can the administrator find the link for BE Retrieve?
A. on the web server click Tools -> Options -> Backup Exec Retrieve
B. on the media server click Tools -> Options -> Backup Exec Retrieve
C. on the media server click Tools -> Options -> Preferences
D. on the web server click Tools -> Options -> Archive
70-775 exam Answer: B
A catalog search results in an empty dialogue box. Which action should be taken to view the
A. inventory the tape
B. catalog the tape
C. label the tape
D. import the tape
Answer: B
Which two operations are non-destructive to the on-disk catalogs? (Select two.)
A. Label Media
B. Quick Erase
C. Move Media
D. Rename Media
E. Truncate
70-775 dumps Answer: C,D
Please read this scenario prior to answering the question Your role is consultant to the Lead Architect within a company that manufactures a variety of small electromechanical devices. As part of a corporate-wide Lean Manufacturing initiative, the company has defined a strategic architecture to improve its ability to meet consumer demand and improve its ability to manage its supply chain. The strategic architecture called for the consolidation of multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications that have been operating independently in several of the divisions’ production facilities. The goal is to replace the functionality of the existing applications with a new ERP product running as a single instance in the company’s primary data center.The company has a mature enterprise architecture practice and uses TOGAF 9 for the basis of its architecture framework. In addition to the EA program, the company has a number of management frameworks in use, including business planning, portfolio/project management, and
  operations management. The EA program is sponsored by the CIO. Each division has completed the Architecture Definition documentation required to tailor and configure the environment to meet its own specific manufacturing requirements. The enterprise architects have analyzed the key corporate change attributes and implementation constraints. A consolidated gap analysis has been completed which has identified the
gaps across the Business, Data, Application, and Technology domains. Based on the results of the gap analysis, the architects have reviewed the requirements, dependencies and interoperability requirements needed to integrate the new ERP environment into the existing environment. The architects have completed the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment started in Phase A. Based on all of these factors they have produced a risk assessment. Because of the risks posed by the complexity of the current environment, it has been determined that a phased approach is needed to implement the
target architectures. The overall implementation process is estimated to take several years. Refer to the Scenario The Implementation and Migration Plan v0.l, the draft Architecture Roadmap, and the Capability Assessment deliverables are now complete. You have been asked to recommend the next steps to prepare the final Implementation and Migration Plan. Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is the best answer?
A. You would apply the Business Value Assessment Technique to prioritize the implementation projects and project increments. The assessment should focus on return on investment and performance evaluation criteria that can be used to monitor the progress of the architecture transformation. You would confirm the Transition Architecture phases using an Architecture Definition Increments Table to list the projects. You would then document the lessons learned and generate the final plan.
B. You would assess how the plan impacts the other frameworks in use in the organization. Minimally, the plan should be coordinated with the business planning, portfolio/project management and operations management frameworks. You would then assign a business value to each project, taking into account available resources and priorities for the projects. Finally, you would generate the Implementation and Migration Plan.
C. You would conduct a series of Compliance Assessments to ensure that the implementation team is implementing the architecture according to the contract. The Compliance Assessment should verify that the implementation team is using the proper development methodology. It should include deployment of monitoring tools and ensure that performance targets are being met. If they are not met, then changes to performance requirements should be identified and updated in the Implementation and Migration Plan.
D. You would place the strategic Architecture Definition and Transition Architectures under configuration control as part of the ongoing architecture development cycle. This will ensure that the architecture remains relevant and responsive to the needs of the enterprise. You would then produce an Implementation Governance Model to manage the lessons learned prior to finalizing the plan. You recommend that lessons learned be accepted by the Architecture Board as changes to the architecture without review.
Answer: B

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