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The Fortinet NSE 5-FortiAnalyzer 6.4 exam is part of the NSE 5 Cybersecurity Analyst Program and is designed to recognize successful candidates for their knowledge and expertise in FortiAnalyzer. Successful completion of the NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam plus one of the Fortinet NSE 5 certification exams earns you earn NSE5 certification. You can select updated NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam dumps from Pass4itSure to prepare for the NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam.

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How can I briefly introduce the NSE5_FAZ-6.4 exam?

NSE5 certification FortiAnalyzer 6.4

The Fortinet NSE 5-FortiAnalyzer 6.4 exam has 30 questions in multiple-choice questions. It takes you to answer within 60 minutes. The exam language is available in English and Japanese. After completing the exam, it will be displayed as a pass or failure.

Note that this exam is closely related to NSE5 certification.

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Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.4: Free Dumps Q&As


What must you configure on FortiAnalyzer to upload a FortiAnalyzer report to a supported external server? (Choose two.)

A. SFTP, FTP, or SCP server
B. Mail server
C. Output profile
D. Report Scheduling

Correct Answer: BC



A rogue administrator was accessing FortiAnalyzer without permission, and you are tasked to see what activity was performed by that rogue administrator on FortiAnalyzer. What can you do on FortiAnalyzer to accomplish this?

A. Click FortiView and generate a report for that administrator.
B. Click Task Monitor and view the tasks performed by that administrator.
C. Click Log View and generate a report for that administrator.
D. View the tasks performed by the rogue administrator in Fabric View.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortimanager/6.4.1/administration-guide/792943/taskmonitor


Consider the CLI command: What is the purpose of the command?

A. To add a unique tag to each log to prove that it came from this FortiAnalyzer
B. To add the MD5 hash value and authentication code
C. To add a log file checksum
D. To encrypt log communications

Correct Answer: C



An administrator has configured the following settings: config system global set log-checksum md5-auth end. What is the significance of executing this command?

A. This command records the log file MD5 hash value.
B. This command records passwords in log files and encrypts them.
C. This command encrypts log transfer between FortiAnalyzer and other devices.
D. This command records the log file MD5 hash value and authentication code.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.4.6/administration-guide/410387/appendix-blog-integrityand-secure-log-transfer


Which two methods are the most common methods to control and restrict administrative access on FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual domains
B. Administrative access profiles
C. Trusted hosts
D. Security Fabric

Correct Answer: BC

Reference: https://docs2.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.0.0/administration-guide/219292/administrator-profiles


Which two statements express the advantages of grouping similar reports? (Choose two.)

A. Improve report completion time.
B. Conserve disk space on FortiAnalyzer by grouping multiple similar reports.
C. Reduce the number of cache tables and improve auto-cache completion time.
D. Provides a better summary of reports.

Correct Answer: AC


For proper log correlation between the logging devices and FortiAnalyzer, FortiAnalyzer and all registered devices should:

A. Use DNS
B. Use hostname resolution
C. Use real-time forwarding
D. Use an NTP server

Correct Answer: D


What are the two advantages of setting up fabric ADOM? (Choose two.)

A. It can be used for fast data processing and log correlation
B. It can be used to facilitate communication between devices in the same Security Fabric
C. It can include all Fortinet devices that are part of the same Security Fabric
D. It can include only FortiGate devices that are part of the same Security Fabric

Correct Answer: AC



On the RAID management page, the disk status is listed as Initializing. What does the status Initializing indicate about what the FortiAnalyzer is currently doing?

A. FortiAnalyzer is ensuring that the parity data of a redundant drive is valid
B. FortiAnalyzer is writing data to a newly added hard drive to restore it to an optimal state
C. FortiAnalyzer is writing to all of its hard drives to make the array fault tolerant
D. FortiAnalyzer is functioning normally

Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/4cb0dce6-dbef-11e9-897700505692583a/FortiAnalyzer-5.6.10-Administration-Guide.pdf (40)


Why should you use an NTP server on FortiAnalyzer and all registered devices that log into FortiAnalyzer?

A. To properly correlate logs
B. To use real-time forwarding
C. To resolve host names
D. To improve DNS response times

Correct Answer: A


How can you configure FortiAnalyzer to permit administrator logins from only specific locations?

A. Use static routes
B. Use administrative profiles
C. Use trusted hosts
D. Use secure protocols

Correct Answer: C



Which statement is true regarding Macros on FortiAnalyzer?

A. Macros are ADOM specific and each ADOM will have unique macros relevant to that ADOM.
B. Macros are supported only on the FortiGate ADOM.
C. Macros are useful in generating excel log files automatically based on the report’s settings.
D. Macros are predefined templates for reports and cannot be customized.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs2.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.2.3/administration-guide/617380/creatingmacros


What is the purpose of a predefined template on the FortiAnalyzer?

A. It can be edited and modified as required
B. It specifies the report layout which contains predefined texts, charts, and macros
C. It specifies report settings which contain time period, device selection, and schedule
D. It contains predefined data to generate mock reports

Correct Answer: B

20number%20of,create%20and%2For%20build%20reports.andtext=A%20template%20populates%20the %20Layout,that%20is%20to%20be%20created
https://help.fortinet.com/fa/faz50hlp/56/5-6-2/FMG- FAZ/2300_Reports/0010_Predefined_reports.htm
https://docs2.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.0.8/administration- guide/618245/predefined-reportstemplates-chartsand-macros

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