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Which information is the most important to know early in a business requirements project?
A. the customer’s go-to-market approach for generating revenue
B. competitor prices
C. the organizational structure
D. the company’s budget for marketing products planned for two years in the future
Correct Answer: A
Question Set 1
Which action is the recommended way to establish trusted-advisor credibility with a senior business executive?
A. Ask open-ended questions about the organization’s priorities and goals.
B. Ask questions about the IT organization’s track record for problem resolution.
C. Provide an overview of your sales team’s reporting structure and metrics.
D. Ask detailed questions about the process to acquire cloud computing solutions.

Correct Answer: A
Which option is a way to validate that you have established credibility with a business executive?
A. Ask an IT stakeholder to inquire with the executive on your behalf.
B. Brainstorm with the internal team to get feedback from peers.
C. Ask the executive whether you could join a future staff meeting and present for 15 minutes.
D. Offer to show the executive a demonstration of the latest security software.

Correct Answer: C
Which statement about why stakeholder analysis for a large initiative can be challenging is true?
A. A higher level of politics and uncertainty typically exists with larger initiatives.
B. The IT department most likely has a higher level of influence as compared to other projects.
C. The stakeholder analysis 2×2 framework — interest vs. power — only works for small scope projects.
D. It is necessary to assess 90% or more of the stakeholders for an effort.

Correct Answer: A
Which statement about discovery meetings for larger scope projects is true?
A. Discovery should be performed to a lower level of detail than for smaller projects.
B. Planning for discovery activities may take more effort, but this step is essential.
C. The project team should be staffed with more subcontractors to keep the costs down.
D. Request that the customer captures a baseline of needs in advance of your work.
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about how Business Model Canvas diagrams are a useful tool is true?
A. They depict the operating procedures for system management.
B. They establish a consensus view among customer executives about the organization strategy and major processes.
C. They decompose the processes for a single department.
D. They identify the bottlenecks within a customer service process.
Correct Answer: B Question Set 1 QUESTION 1
Which statement is a characteristic of future state capabilities?
A. They identify operating practices for a single department.
B. They depict all of the requirements that a customer organization desires (best case).
C. They convey the most important business elements that are needed to achieve goals in the future.
D. They should define very detailed needs for the near-term and high-level needs for one or more years out.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
Which statement about a roadmap is true?
A. Requirements are subjective and viewpoints are fact.
B. It can be created earlier in a project, as compared to an architectural blueprint.
C. It focuses on a broader scope than an architectural blueprint.
D. It shows a path for projects or initiatives that is consistent with the architectural direction.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
Which statement explains why a requirement is different than a viewpoint?
A. Requirements are subjective and viewpoints are fact.
B. Requirements must come from one person.
C. Requirements state needs and viewpoints are thoughts.
D. Requirements come from users and viewpoints come from executives.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
Which option explains how a manager’s viewpoint can be confirmed?
A. by validating with the manager’s boss
B. by running a group session
C. by asking the manager for evidence
D. by restating the manager’s view and asking if you understood correctly

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
How does a business value approach contribute to the sales process?
A. gives the CIO a blueprint for organizing the IT department
B. provides a framework to align the business strategy and priorities with the processes that are needed to achieve goals
C. ensures that best practices are included in the design of new workflows
D. allows for pieces of a larger project to be designed independently without concern for linkages Correct Answer: B

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