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Which Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec command will move the on-screen display to monitor output 4?
A. configuration video osd output: 4
B. xconfiguration video osd output: 4
C. command video osd output: 4
D. xcommand video osd output: 4
Correct Answer: B
Which menu on the Cisco TelePresence VCS should you refer to in order to verify that an endpoint has registered?
A. Application
B. Status
C. Security
D. Configuration
Correct Answer: B
After you change the IP address of a Cisco TelePresence Codec C90, you are unable to use Telnet or a browser to connect to that address. However, you are able to use ping to connect to the new address. What are the two possible causes? (Choose two.)
A. The configuration failed and there is another device with the same address that responds to the ping.
B. The codec disabled the Telnet and HTTP services after the IP address change.
C. The codec needs to reboot after the IP address change in order to bind the services to the new address.
D. The gatekeeper configuration failed and you need to set up the gatekeeper address and the discovery type again.
Correct Answer: AC
The camera remote control is not responding. What can an engineer check in order to determine if the camera remote control or the system is causing the problem?
A. The monitor is on the right channel.
B. The switch inside the remote control is switched on.
C. The light flashes on the camera when a key is pressed.
D. The batteries are correctly placed within the remote.
Correct Answer: C
Which two items should you check on the local Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec when audio is not received? (Choose two.)
A. The microphone is plugged in.
B. The microphone is turned on in the menus.
C. The volume on the monitor is turned up.
D. The far end is sending audio.
Correct Answer: CD
You are having trouble upgrading the Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec system using the web interface. How else might you attempt the upgrade?
A. Use the API command interface.
B. Use the HTTP or HTTPS Interface.
C. Use the menus and a USB drive.
D. Use the remote ISDN connection.
Correct Answer: B
How many digital video inputs does a Cisco TelePresence Codec C40 have?
A. 2
B. 0
C. 1
D. 3
E. 5
Correct Answer: D
Exploring Basic Call Control
What will happen if the local zone on a Cisco TelePresence VCS does not have a search rule?
A. Calls to locally registered devices will fail.
B. Calls from locally registered devices will fail.
C. Calls to externally registered devices will fail.
D. Calls from externally registered devices will fail.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
How can you independently restore the default links on a Cisco TelePresence VCS?
A. with an xcommand from the API
B. by performing a factory reset
C. from the bandwidth configuration section of the web interface
D. by performing a reboot

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
What should you use to back up the configuration of a Cisco TelePresence VCS (X5 software or above)?
A. the backup and restore tool
B. the serial port and the backup command
C. the serial port and the xbackup command
D. SCP to download the file called “backup.tft”

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
Which troubleshooting tools are available on the Cisco TelePresence VCS (X5 or above)?
A. configuration logs for all endpoints registered, endpoint status logs, and Cisco TelePresence MCU conference reports
B. system resources, call history, search history, zone and subzone status, warnings, event logs
C. H.323, SIP, and ISDN syslogs for each endpoint registered, all logs for all calls on the network
D. searches, locate tools, check rules, syslog, call history, current calls, call logs from the endpoints

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
Where do you find the Clusterwide Domain Configuration?
A. System > Enterprise Parameters
B. System > Enterprise Phone Configuration
C. Device > Trunk
D. User Management > SIP Realm

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6
Where do you change the Maximum Session Bit Rate for Video Calls?
A. Device > Trunk
B. System > Location
C. Media Resources > Media Resource Group
D. System > Enterprise Parameters
E. System > Region

Correct Answer: E
How many peers can you configure per neighbor zone?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
F. 6
G. 8
H. 12
Correct Answer: E
When trunking a Cisco VCS to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what value should the
A. 323 mode be set to?
B. On
C. Off
D. Auto
E. Best Effort
Correct Answer: B
Calls from Cisco VCS registered endpoints are not reaching Cisco Unified Communications Manager registered endpoints. Where should you look on Cisco VCS to troubleshoot?
A. NTP settings
B. Search history
C. SNMP trap logs
D. Cisco Unified Presence configuration
Correct Answer: B
Exploring Advanced VCS Features
Endpoints can be placed into different Cisco TelePresence VCS (X5 or above) subzones according to which of the following?
A. aliases or IP addresses
B. aliases and MAC addresses
C. IP addresses only
D. aliases, MAC addresses, and IP addresses
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Which Cisco TelePresence VCS function can you use to control the speed of a call within the same subzone?
A. links
B. pipes
C. per-call bandwidth
D. default bandwidth

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 3
Two Cisco TelePresence VCSs are not configured with DNS. What are the consequences of only setting up one neighbor zone?
A. Calls can only be made in one direction.
B. All searches will fail between neighbors.
C. Calls are not possible between neighbors.
D. Registrations are not possible.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
What does the hop count setting on the firewall traversal configuration limit on the Cisco TelePresence VCS?
A. The number of Cisco TelePresence VCSs that a call can travel through.
B. The number of firewalls that a call can travel through.
C. The number of routers that a call can travel through.
D. The number of switches that a call can travel through.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
When can a transform rule be applied on a Cisco TelePresence VCS?
A. searches, inter-zone and inter-subzone calls
B. searches and inter-zone calls
C. searches and inter-subzone calls
D. inter-zone and inter-subzone calls

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6
How will FindMe help a user working from either home or the office?
A. Anyone can contact the user using a single identity.
B. Users can locate any individual in the company using the address book.
C. Users can change their system names according to their current location.
D. Anyone can contact the user by giving each endpoint the same configuration.

Correct Answer: A
Which Cisco TelePresence VCS function is used to enable H.323 endpoints to connect to SIP endpoints?
A. zones
B. subzones
D. interworking
Correct Answer: D
What information about a change can you determine from the configuration log on a Cisco TelePresence VCS?
A. the E.164 alias of the person who made the change
B. the IP SIP address of the person who made the change
C. the H.323 ID of the person who made the change
D. the username of the person who made the change
Correct Answer: D
What do you need to do in order to prevent browsers from generating warnings about certificates when they access the Cisco TelePresence VCS?
A. Install a certificate from a trusted certificate authority.
B. Install a certificate from the TAC.
C. Disable certificates on the Cisco TelePresence VCS.
D. Disable the CPL scripts from running to check security.
Correct Answer: A
Which feature must be enabled on the Cisco TelePresence VCS in order to monitor the status of non-presence-enabled clients?
A. Presence User Agent
B. interworking
C. FindMe?
Correct Answer: A
Which user groups on the Cisco TelePresence VCS are available for LDAP integration?
A. administration and FindMeTM users
B. administration and supervisor users
C. supervisor users and client users

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