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Exam A
Which three statements are true about the operation of a full-duplex Ethernet network? (Choose three.)
A. There are no collisions in full-duplex mode.
B. A dedicated switch port is required for each full-duplex node.
C. Ethernet hub ports are preconfigured for full-duplex mode.
D. In a full-duplex environment, the host network card must check for the availability of the network media before transmitting.
E. The host network card and the switch port must be capable of operating in full-duplex mode.
Correct Answer: ABE
Which router command can be used to determine the status of Serial 0/0?
A. show ip route
B. show interfaces
C. show s0/0 status
D. debug s0/0
E. show run
F. show version
Correct Answer: B
Which commands display information about the Cisco IOS software version currently running on a router? (Choose three.)
A. show running-config
B. show stacks
C. show version
D. show flash
E. show protocols
F. show IOS
Correct Answer: ACD
After the shutdown command has been issued on the serial 0/0 interface, what will be displayed when the show interface serial 0/0 command is issued by the administrator?
A. Serial0/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down
B. Serial0/0 is down, line protocol is down
C. Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is down
D. Serial0/0 is administratively down, line protocol is administratively down
E. Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is up
F. Serial0/0 is down, line protocol is up “First Test, First Pass” – 4 Cisco 640-822 Exam
Correct Answer: A
Refer to the output of the three router commands shown in the exhibit. A new technician has been told to add a new LAN to the company router. Why has the technician received the error message that is shown following the last command?

A. The interface was already configured.
B. The interface type does not exist on this router platform.
C. The IOS software loaded on the router is outdated.
D. The router does not support LAN interfaces that use Ethernet.
E. The command was entered from the wrong prompt.
Correct Answer: B
The system LED is amber on a Cisco Catalyst 2950 series switch. What does this indicate?
A. The system is malfunctioning.
B. The system is not powered up.
C. The system is powered up and operational.
D. The system is forwarding traffic.
E. The system is sensing excessive collisions. “First Test, First Pass” – 5 Cisco 640-822 Exam
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7

Refer to the exhibit. SwitchA receives the frame with the addressing shown. According to the command output also shown in the exhibit, how will SwitchA handle this frame?

A. It will drop the frame.
B. It will forward the frame out port Fa0/3 only.
C. It will flood the frame out all ports.
D. It will flood the frame out all ports except Fa0/3.
Correct Answer: D


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Refer to the topology and partial configurations shown in the exhibit. The network administrator has finished configuring the NewYork and Sydney routers and issues the command ping Sydney from the NewYork router. The ping fails. What command or set of commands should the network administrator issue to correct this problem?
“First Test, First Pass” – 6 Cisco 640-822 Exam

A. Sydney(config)# interface s0/0 Sydney(config-if)# cdp enable
B. Sydney(config)# interface s0/0 Sydney(config-if)# no shut
C. Sydney(config)# line vty 0 4 Sydney(config)# login Sydney(config)# password Sydney
D. Sydney(config)# ip host Sydney
E. Sydney(config)# interface s0/0 Sydney(config-if)# ip address NewYork(config)# ip host Sydney
Correct Answer: E
Which two statements describe the operation of the CSMA/CD access method? (Choose two.)
A. In a CSMA/CD collision domain, multiple stations can successfully transmit data simultaneously.
B. In a CSMA/CD collision domain, stations must wait until the media is not in use before transmitting.
C. The use of hubs to enlarge the size of collision domains is one way to improve the operation of the CSMA/CD access method.
D. After a collision, the station that detected the collision has first priority to resend the lost data.
E. After a collision, all stations run a random backoff algorithm. When the backoff delay period has expired, all stations have equal priority to transmit data.
F. After a collision, all stations involved run an identical backoff algorithm and then synchronize with each other prior to transmitting data.
Correct Answer: BE
Refer to the topology and MAC address table shown in the exhibit. Host A sends a data frame to host D. What will the switch do when it receives the frame from host A?

A. The switch will add the source address and port to the MAC address table and forward the frame to host D.
B. The switch will discard the frame and send an error message back to host A.
C. The switch will flood the frame out of all ports except for port Fa0/3.
D. The switch will add the destination address of the frame to the MAC address table and forward the frame to host D.
Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit. The two connected ports on the switch are not turning orange or green. What would be
the most effective steps to troubleshoot this physical layer problem? (Choose three.)

A. Ensure that the Ethernet encapsulations match on the interconnected router and switch ports.
B. Ensure that cables A and B are straight-through cables.
C. Ensure cable A is plugged into a trunk port.
D. Ensure the switch has power.
E. Reboot all of the devices. “First Test, First Pass” – 8 Cisco 640-822 Exam
F. Reseat all cables.
Correct Answer: BDF

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