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What do you want to know about the 31860X exam?

Supplier: Avaya
Certification: ACDS–3186
Exam Code: 31860X
Full name of the exam: Avaya IX Calling Design

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To earn the ACDS–3186 certifications, you must pass the 31860X Avaya IX Calling Design exam to become certified. Earning the Avaya IX Calling Design (ACDS–3186x) certificate demonstrates the higher level of technical proficiency required to create specific greenfield, upgrade, and migration solution designs based on client business needs.

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31860X exam questions
You are working on a solution design for an Avaya Aura 8.1 solution and estimating how many Digital Signaling Processor (DSP) resources will be needed. Which two types of calls require DSP resources? (Choose two.)

A. H.323 to H.323 calls
B. ad hoc conference calls
C. SIP to H.323 station calls
D. SIP to SIP calls

Correct Answer: C

You are interested in having multiple devices register with the same extension number but use only one user license. Which three are required for the Multiple Device Access feature? (Choose three.)

A. Avaya Aura Communication Manager
B. Avaya one-X?Client Enablement Services
C. Avaya Aura Session Manager
D. Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services
E. Avaya Aura System Manager

Correct Answer: ADE

The Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) uses Standard and Advanced licenses.
In addition to Remote Worker functionality, what are two additional features that require a standard license and an advanced license? (Choose two.)

A. Media forking (SIPREC)
B. Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption
C. High availability
D. Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal

Correct Answer: AD

You are planning a branch location that requires Tl/El Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunks. There will be a peak hour usage of 1 PSTN trunk for every 20 of the 500 users. How many PSTN trunks and DSP resources will be needed to support calls between IP telephones and the PSTN in the branch?

A. 31 PSTN trunks and 32 DSP resources
B. 25 PSTN trunks and no DSP resources
C. 25 PSTN trunks and 25 DSP resources
D. 26 PSTN trunks and 27 DSP resources

Correct Answer: A

A customer has a single size with 2,500 users. They want a solution that provides hardware redundancy. The failure of a single component should not be service-impacting. Given these parameters, what would satisfy their request?

A. Communication Manager Duplex
B. Communication Manager S8300
C. Communication Manager Simplex with Survivable Core
D. Communication Manager Simplex with Survivable Remote

Correct Answer: A

A company needs to add 1200 users to an Avaya Aura deployment and wants the same level of audio and video services for all users. But there is not enough bandwidth for audio and HD video calls for all of the existing and new users. (Assume HD video uses 1 Mbps.)
What can they do to provide the same audio and video services to all users?

A. Decrease Minimum Multimedia Bandwidth to below 512 Kbps.
B. Increase the Total Bandwidth parameter to 20 Mbps.
C. Increase the Multimedia Bandwidth parameter to 10 Mbps.
D. Decrease Maximum Multimedia Bandwidth to below 512 Kbps.

Correct Answer: D

What is a benefit of Session Manager?

A. It centralizes the management of remote gateways.
B. It provides SIP application interoperability across multi-vendor equipment.
C. It provides traditional analog trunking to the edge devices.
D. It de-centralizes management of phones and users enterprise-wide.

Correct Answer: A

Your customer has a CTI application that requires Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AES). To work with AES, how must Communication Manager be operating?

A. In a survivable remote mode
B. In the Avaya Aura Core
C. As a Feature Server
D. As an Evolution Server

Correct Answer: A

You are explaining to your customer that Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS) has been adopted by the Communication Manager, but Is not a direct replacement for media gateways. Which two capabilities are supported by the Avaya Aura Media Server? (Choose two.)

A. TDM interfaces for digital, analog stations, and trunks
B. V.150.1 (Modem-over-IP)
C. Virtualization
D. Basic media resource capabilities

Correct Answer: CD

A customer has Avaya Aura components at release 6.3 and they would like to use the Avaya IXTMWorkplace clients to take advantage of Avaya Aura Device Services (AADS) in their deployment. What is the minimum release of Avaya Aura Session Manager that will support AADS?

A. 6.3
B. 7.0
D. 7.1

Correct Answer: D

You are designing a Communication Manager (CM) 8 solution with centralized ISDN trunks at the main site and two remote gateway locations. Each remote location will be connected to the main server via a dedicated, point-to-point WAN service. Main – CM 8.1 duplex pair with 2-G450s and 250 IP stations
Remote 1 – S8300E LSP/G450 with 125 IP stations
Remote 2 – S8300E LSP/G430 with 30 IP stations.
To ensure that no one site Is overwhelmed by CM traffic, what is the recommended number of network regions required for this design?

A. 7 regions: 1 at the main, 1 at each remote site, 1 for each site\\’s IP telephones, and one for the virtual network region
B. 4 regions: 1 at the main, 1 at each remote site, and 1 for the virtual network region
C. 3 regions: 1 at the main, and 1 at each remote site
D. 6 regions: 1 at the main, 1 at each remote site, and 1 virtual network region for each site

Correct Answer: C

You have a customer who requires both SIP Trunking and Remote Workers. After examining the features needed overall, you have determined that 700 Core Suite licenses are required. You still need to quote SBCE licenses, in addition to the entitlements included with Core Suite licenses, to support a total of 120 PSTN SIP trunks and 330 remote workers.
The customer has agreed to a 3 remote worker users to 1 session access basis- How many additional standard and advanced a la carte SBCE licenses are needed? (Choose two.)

A. 30 SBCE Standard Licenses
B. 20 SBCE Standard Licenses
C. 10 SBCE Advanced Licenses
D. 20 SBCE Advanced Licenses

Correct Answer: C

The account team is concerned about limitations associated with analog licenses that you have included in your solution design. Which two characteristics of analog licenses would you share with the account team? (Choose two.)

A. It is possible to uplift an analog license to a Core suite license.
B. Analog users will get all benefits of a Core license user; the only difference Is the device.
C. Analog license users can coexist in the same Communication Manager with Mobility and Collaboration users.
D. The percentage of analog licenses, within a solution, cannot exceed 60% of the total number of licenses.

Correct Answer: AC

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