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Which of the following are included WAN data link encapsulation types? (Choose two.)
B. T1
D. Frame Relay

Correct Answer: CD
Part of the certways WAN is shown below:
Two buildings on the Los Angeles campus of a small company must be connected to use Ethernet with a
bandwidth of at least 100 Mbps. The company is concerned about possible problems from voltage
potential differences between the two buildings. Which media type should be used for the connection?
A. coaxial cable
B. UTP cable
C. STP cable
D. fiber optic cable

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 78
John works as a network administrator. It is difficult for him to establish a serial link between a Cisco router
and a router from another vendor. Both routers are configured for HDLC encapsulation.
Which two options are correct about this configuration? (Choose two.)

A. The Cisco HDLC frame uses a proprietary “Type” field that may not be compatible with equipment of other vendors.
B. Usernames must be configured at both ends of the HDLC serial link
C. PPP encapsulation is recommended for serial links between equipment from multiple vendors.
D. HDLC requires a clock rate to be configured on the routers at both ends of the serial link.

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 79
Which two characteristics belong to a Frame Relay point-to-point subinterface? (Choose two.)
A. requires the frame-relay map command
B. resolves NBMA split horizon issues
C. maps one IP subnet across multiple DLCIs
D. maps one IP subnet per DLCI

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 80
Examine the following technologies, which one will you use when a router connected to a LAN has only one WAN interface, but multiple virtual circuits are needed?
C. Cable
D. Frame Relay

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 81
As a network administrator, you will need to decide on the appropriate network devices to use. Which of the following correctly describes the roles of devices in a WAN? (Choose three)
A. A CSU/DSU terminates a digital local loop.
B. A CSU/DSU terminates an analog local loop.
C. A modem terminates a digital local loop.
D. A modem terminates an analog local loop.
E. A router is commonly considered a DTE device.

Correct Answer: ADE
The certways WAN connection is shown below:
Based on this diagram shown above, which two devices can be used to complete the connection between
the WAN router at the customer site and the service provider? (Choose two.)
A. multiplexer
B. ATM switch
D. modem

Correct Answer: CD
Host P4S-F, which needs to build the packet, has received the ARP reply. Two of the following information will be placed in the header of the packet that leaves host P4S-F if host P4S-F is to communicate with the WWW server. What is it? (Choose two)

A. The source address will be the IP address of host P4S-F.
B. The destination address will be the IP address of the WWW server.
C. The destination address will be the IP address of interface Fa0/0 of router P4S-SFX.
D. The destination address will be the IP address of interface Fa0/0 of the P4S-ILM router.

Correct Answer: AB
As it is shown in the exhibit, two World Wide Web documents from the WWW server Host are displayed by P4S-F in two browser windows at the same time. How did the data find its way to the correct browser windows?

A. The browsers track the data by the URL.
B. TCP port numbers are used to direct the data to the correct application window.
C. The OSI application layer tracks the conversations and directs them to the correct brower.
D. The IP source addresses of the packets will be used to direct the data to the correct browser window.

Correct Answer: B
You work in a medium-sized company .The network performance of your company has slowed to the point that users are complaining. In order to resolve this problem, You are asked to determine what the users might be doing to cause the slowdown. Which two types of network services or applications most likely cause slowdown? (Choose two.)
A. social networking web sites
B. blogs and other online browsing
C. PC-based VoIP services
D. online video sites

Correct Answer: CD
Look at the following exhibit. Connection problems are reported in the internetwork. By the output from P4S-HostA, what is the problem indicated?

A. The routing on P4S-R2 is not functioning properly.
B. The gateway address of P4S-HostA is incorrect or not configured.
C. The Fa0/24 interface of P4S-S1 is down.
D. An access list is applied to an interface of P4S-R3.

Correct Answer: B
Choose from the following three that are found in a TCP header, but not in a UDP header? (Choose three.)
A. window size
B. destination port
C. sequence number
D. acknowledgment number

Correct Answer: ACD
Match the corresponding commands and functions. (Not all options are used.) 3.tracert 4.ipconfig/all 5.arp -a 6.telnet
A. displays PC network configuration
II. displays the list of routers on a path to a network destination III.tests VTY configuration
IV. tests TCP/IP protocol stack
B. displays IP to MAC address mappings on a Windows PC
C. I-4,II-3,III-6,IV-2,V-5
D. I-4,II-3,III-1,IV-6,V-5
E. I-4,II-3,III-6,IV-5,V-2
F. I-4,II-3,III-5,IV-6,V-2

Correct Answer: A
Choose from the following two advantages of Layer 2 Ethernet switches over hubs. (Choose two.)
A. filtering frames based on MAC addresses
B. increasing the size of broadcast domains
C. decreasing the number of collision domains
D. allowing simultaneous frame transmissions

Correct Answer: AD
Data is divided into smaller pieces for transmission when files are transferred between a host and an FTP server. After these pieces reach the destination host, they should be reassembled to reconstruct the original file. What is used for the reassembly of these pieces into the correct order?
A. the TTL in the IP header
B. the sequence number in the TCP header
C. the Start Frame Delimiter in the 802.3 Preamble
D. the frame check sequence in the Ethernet frame trailer

Correct Answer: B
On the basis of the exhibit below. After adding host A to the network, Host A is unable to communicate on
the network. A ping issued on the host to address fails.
What is the problem?
A. The remote host at is unreachable.
B. The default gateway is incorrect.
C. The IP address of host A is incorrect.
D. The TCP/IP protocols are not loaded.

Correct Answer: D
Attaching an Ethernet cable to a PC NIC and then attaching to a switch port. The PC power is turned on and the switch port link LED becomes green. Which two conditions does the link light indicate? (Choose two.)
A. Layer 2 communication has been established between the PC and switch.
B. Traffic is being sent from the switch to the PC.
C. If flashing, the green LED indicates port speed of 100 Mb/s.
D. The Layer 1 media is functioning between the PC and switch.

Correct Answer: AD
Match the corresponding terms and OSI layer.(Not all options are used.) 1.bits 2.packets 3.UDP 4.IP addresses 5.segments 6.MAC addresses 7.windowing 8.routing 9.switching
A. Network Layer II.Transprot Layer
B. I(2,4,9),II(5,7,3)
C. I(1,4,9),II(5,3,7)
D. I(1,4,8),II(2,7,3)
E. I(2,4,8),II(5,7,3)
Correct Answer: D
Three of the following are types of flow control. Which are them? (Choose three.)
A. windowing
B. buffering
C. cut-through
D. congestion avoidance

Correct Answer: ABD
The following exhibit displays every device attached to the network. How many collision domains are shown in this network?

A. 3
B. 6
C. 9
D. 15

Correct Answer: D
What do you think is the data structure that is described in the graphic?

A. TCP segment
B. FDDI frame
C. Ethernet frame
D. Token Ring frame

Correct Answer: A

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