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When connecting to the console port, you see this message:%SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 1028 bytes failed from 0x6015EC84, PoolProcessor, alignment 0 What two situations could cause this message? (Choose two.)
A. The router does not have the minimum amount of I/O memory to support certain interface processors.
B. The memory has fragmented into such small pieces that the router cannot find a usable available block.
C. The router has temporarily or permanently used all available memory.
D. The router ran out of “fast” memory, and will use its main DRAM instead.

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 23
An outage occurs in location “A” due to a router crash. This is not the first time that the router has had this problem. In fact, it crashed three times within the past 20 days. According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what type of record should be created to resolve this issue?
A. incident ticket
B. change ticket
C. service ticket
D. problem ticket

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 24
In troubleshooting a network incident, you found that the incident is the result of a known error. According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which of the following is an appropriate way to resolve the issue?
A. Understand the business case and get approval.
B. Fix the incident and open a request for change immediately.
C. Update the incident report with closure categorization.
D. Test it in the development environment.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 25
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, how would you prioritize an incident ticket?
A. based on the impact and urgency
B. based on the impact of the incident
C. based on customer urgency
D. based on the business unit

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
Which of these Microsoft Windows commands will allow you to look up the hostname for a given IP address?
A. ping-a
B. netstat -ano
C. tracert
D. net start \\
E. ipconfig -i

Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what are two possible benefits of generating a detailed root cause analysis using chronological timelines? (Choose two.)
A. helps to identify the number of problems opened
B. identifies process deficiencies and breakdowns
C. identifies staffing, skills, and expertise
D. identifiesSLA risk fulfillment Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760

Correct Answer: C
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, when an issue is reported to a service desk, which system is it recorded in?
A. incident management system
B. problem management system
C. availability management system
D. change management system
E. performance management system

Correct Answer: A
A customer calls complaining about the level of service being received. The customer produces a log showing service-level measurements that were collected over the past week. Which three questions should be asked at a minimum in order to assess the validity of the claim? (Choose three.)
A. Who took the measurements?
B. How were the measurements taken?
C. Why were the measurements taken?
D. Are the measurements statistically relevant?
E. What were the measurements taken?
Correct Answer: BDE
What does the log message “%IPNAT-6-DELETED:” indicate?
A. A Network Address Translation has been lost, requiring immediate action.
B. An unauthorized user possibly attempted to gain access.
C. The message is for information only and requires no further action.
D. A port on the device has been administratively shut down, requiring no further action

Correct Answer: C
Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760 Refer to the exhibit. The following is a shell script for a UNIX-based server. Which three of these files on the UNIX server will be updated or created when this script is executed? (Choose three.)

A. /etc/hostname.hme0
B. /etc/hosts
C. /etc/hostname.hme0:1
D. /etc/netmasks
E. /10.1.0.$LAST_IP_OCT
F. /etc/loghost

Correct Answer: BDF
According to best practices, what are three reasons for escalating a ticket? (Choose three.)
A. immediate escalation based on severity
B. when automated escalation does not occur within prescribed time frame
C. management escalation due to business reasons
D. customer escalation because customer feels that they are very important
E. sales team escalation based on potential for future business

Correct Answer: ABC
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what is the nature of the method used to escalate an issue that is very serious in nature or an issue that could potentially require an excessive amount of time to resolve?
A. both hierarchical and functional
B. both conceptual and procedural
C. both hierarchical and procedural
D. both conceptual and functional Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760
Correct Answer: C
How often should device configurations be backed up? (Choose two.)
A. at predetermined intervals
B. at intervals specified in theSLA
C. at daily intervals
D. when disk space is full
E. when a configuration change is detected

Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 35
The command logging trap informational instructs a device to perform which of these actions?
A. Log only messages with a severity of 0-6.
B. Sendsyslog messages as traps.
C. Send informational-only SNMP traps.
D. Log all messages to the destination server.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 36
A “device unreachable” event has been detected by the NMS. The NMS has also performed automated
routines and determined that no interfaces are reachable (routed or directly connected). The last few log
entries stored on the logging server for this device are as follows:
What is the most probable cause of the outage?
A. The device overheated, causing a system shutdown.
B. An unauthorized change was made, which caused the outage.
C. Routing flaps are causing the device to become unreachable.
D. An OSPF dead timer has caused the device to lose its adjacency.

Correct Answer: A
What tool generates synthetic traffic to measure network performance?
A. RMON Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760
D. NetFlow

Correct Answer: B
What is an incremental backup?
A. a backup of all files that have changed since the last full backup
B. a complete backup of all files on a particular partition
C. a backup of all files at set increments of time
D. a backup of all files that have changed since the last full or incremental backup

Correct Answer: D
What are two differences between using FTP or TFTP to copy files? (Choose two.)
A. FTP uses a reliable transport protocol and TFTP uses an unreliable transport protocol.
B. TFTP uses a reliable transport protocol and FTP uses an unreliable transport protocol.
C. FTP requires a username and password.
D. TFTP requires a username and password.
E. FTP transfers are encrypted by default.
F. FTP uses a single port for control and data transfer while TFTP uses a different port for control and data transfer

Correct Answer: AC
You are a Tier I NOC staff working on a severity 1 issue. The escalation timeline is defined as 60 minutes. After 55 minutes, you think you are close to resolving the issue. What would you do in this situation?
A. Continue to work and resolve the issue, even after 60 minutes has passed.
B. Call your manager and report your progress.
C. Escalate to Tier II support staff.
D. Call the user and let them know that you will resolve the issue in 10 minutes.

Correct Answer: B
Which one of the following features will allow the severity of a syslog message to be altered prior to leaving a Cisco IOS device?
Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760
B. NetFlow
E. debug

Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, the problem management process can deal with which two types of issues? (Choose two.)
A. current outages
B. prevention of future outages
C. mitigating outage severity
D. reclamation of IP addresses
Correct Answer: BD
A robust trouble ticketing system includes which of these critical components?
A. requires separate passwords to maintain separation of duties
B. integrated with financial management systems; unique reference numbers; and urgency, priority, and callback methods
C. unique reference numbers, urgency, device serial numbers
D. integrated with both asset and event management systems, unique reference numbers, and priority and closure categories

Correct Answer: B
What three things can a network change MOP be used for? (Choose three.)
A. configuration change
B. summarizing SNMP-based performance statistics
C. troubleshooting customer-reported issues
D. software image upgrade
E. installing new hardware
F. escalating connectivity issues

Correct Answer: ACF
The NMS has missed three of the last five polls to a device. If your choices are limited to the options below, how would you proceed with troubleshooting?
A. Verify that information from the NMS is accurate.
B. Reboot the device.
C. Verify that no changes have been made recently on the device.
D. Upgrade the device to the latest software release.

Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of a rollback procedure in a method of procedure?
A. to provide verification steps when the procedure has completed
B. to provide an alternative procedure for completing a migration
C. to provide the NOC with a standard template for resolving customer issues
D. to revert back all changes made during the procedure
Correct Answer: D
Which of these items would not be tracked in the Inventory Manager?
B. line cards
C. serial numbers
D. IP address
E. owner
Correct Answer: A
Which statement is true about the script below?

A. This is a C shell UNIX script.
B. When executing the echo command, the script will always look for the command in the Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760 directory from which it is run.
C. When executing the echo command, the script will always look for the command in /usr/bin before looking in the directory from which the script was run.
D. The variable HOSTNAME will be set to hostname.

Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which of these factors should trigger the creation of a problem record?
A. recurring incidents
B. user acceptance testing
C. changes to the network
D. resolution of a ticket

Correct Answer: A
Which section of the network change method of procedure will contain instructions to reverse the network change?
A. Implementation
B. Backout/Rollback
C. Verification
D. Testing

Correct Answer: B
The following is the beginning of a shell script. Which statement is true if the user issues “./” at the CLI without the quotes?

A. The script will fail because only one variable is specified by the user at the CLI.
B. ThetrapgenScripts variable will be set to /opt/MWFM_Automation/trapgen_scripts/
C. ThetrapgenScripts variable will not be set.
D. Thesimulation_IP variable will be set to Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760

Correct Answer: B
A parameter in an SLA must meet which three criteria? (Choose three.)
A. quality
B. significance
C. measurability
D. reliability
E. relevance

Correct Answer: BCE
The Cisco IOS command, logging buffered 65536, performs which one of these tasks?
A. provides a memory buffer for spooling messages to remotesyslog daemons
B. instructs the device to limit UDP messages to 64 KB
C. indicates the number of log messages kept for viewing during a show logging command on the console
D. provides flash-based buffering of messages when no receiver is available

Correct Answer: C
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what is considered a problem management task?
A. proactive review ofsyslog summary report
B. performance of changes needed to remove a known error
C. restoration of service
D. closing of the incident tickets

Correct Answer: D
In inventory management, what is the primary responsibility of a “master poller”?
A. to obtain device lists from childpollers
B. to provide a source for NTP queries
C. to provide authoritative information for all other managers
D. to provide device serial numbers to other managers
Correct Answer: C
Why do SNMP counters often show different numbers than Cisco IOS CLI show commands?
A. The counter output from a CLI show command cannot be reset on interfaces.
B. SNMP counters use SNMPv3 values, whereas CLI show commands use SNMPv2 values
C. SNMP uses 64-bit counters, whereas CLI show commands use 32-bit counters.
D. The only way to reset the SNMP counters is to reload the box.
Correct Answer: D
When closing a trouble ticket, why is closure categorization very important?
A. It helps to identify the person who opened the ticket.
B. It helps to identify the name of the staff who worked on the incident
C. It clearly identifies ticket open time.
D. It helps to identify the cause of an outage.

Correct Answer: D
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which two formulas are commonly used to calculate priority? (Choose two.)
A. priority = urgency + impact
B. priority = severity + impact
C. priority = urgency x impact
D. priority = severity x urgency

Correct Answer: AC
Which three protocols can you use to collect detailed configuration information on network devices for inventory purposes? (Choose three.)
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol
E. NetFlow

Correct Answer: BDF
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what activity is required to implement reboots, repairs, or workarounds?
A. initiate connection to the device and enter privileged mode at the CLI
B. initiate a request for change
C. full documentation and closure of the incident record
D. ensure fix or workaround is compliant with existing configuration standards

Correct Answer: A
After notifying the customer about an SLA issue, what should you do?
A. Notify theSLA manager so that they can issue a credit to the customer.
B. Document who you contacted about theSLA issue by opening or updating a ticket
C. Log the call and wait for a response from the customer.
D. Open a trouble ticket with the information collected from the customer.

Correct Answer: D
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which of these three processes are common inputs to root cause analysis? (Choose three.)
A. event management
B. incident management
C. proactive problem management
D. change management
Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 63
Which technique is used to set up an early warning system for impending service-level violations?
A. MOS scoring
B. configuration change events
C. threshold-crossing events
D. event-based alarming

Correct Answer: C
Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760
Which three of these factors are important information in a network change document? (Choose three.)
A. detailed information about the steps required to carry out the process of network change
B. steps to verify the accuracy of the network change after the change has taken place
C. a rollback plan, in case the network change is not successful
D. a detailed inventory of all types of hardware and devices used in the network
E. a complete list of all types of software used in the network

Correct Answer: ABC
A software upgrade is performed on some of the routers in a network. What would be your first major verification step after the upgrade?
A. check show version
B. checkconfig-register
C. check routing table
D. check logs for errors
E. check if router prompt has changed
Correct Answer: A
DRAG DROP Build Your Dreams
PassGuide 640-760

Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which three statements are true with regard to effective problem management? (Choose three.)
A. The goal of problem management is similar to the goal of incident management.
B. Resources dedicated to problem management are more effective than resources dedicated solely to managing incidents.
C. A problem ticket can be opened as a result of a single incident ticket.
D. It is desirable to align incident and problem management categories.
E. Like incident management, problem management is reactive in nature.
F. All incidents ultimately require a problem ticket for final closure.

Correct Answer: BDE
Network inventory is polled once per week on Saturdays.A new router is being installed on Sunday.Which of these network managers should be synchronized with the inventory manager in order to have the most up-to-date device list as soon as possible?
A. Cisco Performance Manager
C. Syslog Manager
D. Manager of Managers
E. CiscoWorks Fault Manager

Correct Answer: B
Your fault management system indicates that an “interface down” event was received five minutes ago, followed by an “interface up” event three minutes later. What should you do?
A. Open a trouble ticket and begin troubleshooting the outage.
B. Verify that there were no changes made to the device recently.
C. Monitor the device for additional interface events before taking any action.
D. Escalate to a level 2 NOC engineer immediately.

Correct Answer: B
A customer complained about their network performance. You scheduled a change request that will reroute their traffic through a different node to improve performance. What must you
Build Your Dreams PassGuide 640-760
do to verify that this change had the desired results?
A. Validate the customerSLA for performance through the network.
B. Collect baseline performance data before and after the change.
C. Contact the customer to ensure that their performance has improved
D. Document the change request so that there is an audit trail.

Correct Answer: B

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