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A. Legal Holds are permanent and cannot be removed
B. Legal Holds may be placed on a group of HR profiles
C. Legal Holds may be placed on either a Document Type or an individual employee\\’s HR Profile
D. Legal Holds may be manually placed on individual employee documents

Correct Answer: C

2. If the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] needs to develop within the HR application but cannot have the System Admin role, what additional role should be granted?

A. HR Basic [sn_hr_core.basic]
B. Scoped Developer [sn_hr_core.developer]
C. Delegated Developer [delegated_developer]
D. HR Manager [sn_hr_core.manager]

Correct Answer: C

3. The ServiceNow SIM methodology is based on what generic methodologies?

A. Waterfall and Rapid Application Development (RAD)
B. Agile and Waterfall
C. Prince
D. Scrum and XP

Correct Answer: D


4. How many COEs may be associated with an HR Service?

A. 5
B. 1
C. unlimited
D. 10

Correct Answer: B

5. A user with only the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role can save and modify which copies of existing reports?

A. All
B. Global
C. Group
D. Personal

Correct Answer: A

6. Who can generate the PDF document on an active HR Case?

A. Only the Assigned person
B. Only the Subject Person\’s manager
C. Only an HR manager
D. Only the employee

Correct Answer: D

7. When an employee completes a questionnaire on an Employee Form, on which table does the system store their answers?

A. Form [sys_ui_form]
B. Metric Result [asmt_metric_result]
C. Question Answer [question_answer]
D. HR Case [sn_hr_core_case]

Correct Answer: B


8. If you had little coding experience and were tasked with adding new pages to the customer\’s Employee Service Center, which Service Portal Configuration option would be best to complete the task?

A. Page Editor
B. Designer
C. Widget Editor
D. Branding Editor

Correct Answer: A

9. If a new HR Knowledge base is created, how can it be included in the Knowledge results section on the HR Case form?

A. Add it to the HR Template
B. Add it to the HR Service configuration
C. All Knowledge bases are searched by default
D. Add it to the Contextual Search configuration

Correct Answer: B

10. What are the major HR Service Catalog components? (Choose four.)

A. HR Template
B. Assignment Group
C. HR Catalog Item
D. Matching Rule
E. Record Producer
F. HR Service
G. HR Profile

Correct Answer: ACEF

11. What kind of records do HR Requests create?

A. HR Incidents
B. HR Files
C. HR Problems
D. HR Cases

Correct Answer: D


12. In the Create Bulk Cases module, which Filter by options is available in the dropdown? (Choose four.)

A. Document Template
B. Upload File
C. HR Service Template
D. User Criteria
E. HR Template
F. HR Profiles
G. HR Criteria

Correct Answer: BDFG


A. System Structure
B. Table Map
C. System Map
D. Schema Map
Correct Answer: D

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