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Oracle 1Z0-815 Practice Questions – 100% Passing Guaranteen 1-5

A consultant is helping a large company migrate its development environment to a public cloud provider. The
developers are working on a VDI solution. The development tools that employees utilize require greater control of the
OS environment. Which of the following cloud types should the consultant implement?
A. SaaS
B. PaaS
C. Bare metal service
D. IaaS
Correct Answer: D

An administrator has configured a new VM with the correct IP, netmask, and default gateway. However, even with the
vNIC showing a link and incoming and outgoing packets, the VM is unable to ping its default gateway. Which of the
following is MOST likely the reason the VM network connection is not functioning properly?
A. The VM is not connected to the correct virtual switch.
B. The VM does not have jumbo frames enabled.
C. The VM is not in the LUN masking configuration.
D. The VM has an incorrect WWN.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is asked to securely upload a configuration file to a web server in a cloud. Which of the following
protocols should be used in this scenario?
Correct Answer: C

A technician is converting a company\\’s physical server to a virtual server. Which of the following should the technician
do before migrating? (Select two.)
A. Assign server roles in the virtual environment.
B. Perform and verify a full system backup.
C. Perform and verify a full system snapshot.
D. Install guest management tools.
E. Ensure all applications are compatible in the virtual environment.
Correct Answer: AE

A server hosting file shares is an example of which of the following types of storage?
Correct Answer: B

Oracle 1Z0-888 Practice Questions – 100% Passing Guaranteen 1-5

old_alter_table is disabled as shown. mysql> SELECT @@old_alter_table;

Test-talk 1Z0-888 exam questions-q1

Consider this statement on a RANGE-partitioned table: mysql> ALTER TABLE orders DROP PARTITION p1, p3;
What is the outcome of executing this statement?
A. All data in p1 and p3 partitions is removed and the table definition is changed.
B. All data in p1 and p3 partitions is removed, but the table definition remains unchanged.
C. Only the first partition (p1) will be dropped because only one partition can be dropped at any time.
D. It results in a syntax error because you cannot specify more than one partition in the same statement.
Correct Answer: B

The Performance Schema includes these tables related to status variables:

Test-talk 1Z0-888 exam questions-q2

Which two facts are true about these tables? (Choose two.)
A. The variable values in global_status are the sum of those in status_by_thread grouped by the variable name.
B. All these tables have the same number of rows.
C. The global_status table is equivalent to the SHOW GLOBAL STATUS statement.
D. The variable values in status_by_account are the sum of those in status_by_host and status_by_user grouped by the
variable name.
E. The session_status table is equivalent to status_by_thread for the current thread.
Correct Answer: DE


Test-talk 1Z0-888 exam questions-q3

What does the possible_keys column in this output denote?
A. if it is possible for you to include any indexes in your query
B. whether there are any indexes on the tables that you are querying
C. if there are any indexes that may be used to solve this query
D. whether you are using any indexes in your query
Correct Answer: A

Examine the mydata table and SELECT statements:

QUESTION 4 Examine the mydata table and SELECT statements:

You issue:
mysql> begin;
mysql> update mydata set a=0 where b=3;
How many rows are now protected by locks with the default InnoDB configuration?
A. one
B. one row and a next-key lock for supremum
C. one row and a gap-lock
D. five
Correct Answer: D

What are three methods to reduce MySQL server exposure to remote connections? (Choose three.)
A. using SSL when transporting data over remote networks
B. using the sql_mode=STRICT_SECURE after connections are established for encrypted communications
C. setting –skip-networking when remote connections are not required
D. setting specific GRANT privileges to limit remote authentication
E. setting –mysql_secure_configuration to enable paranoid mode
Correct Answer: ACD

Oracle 1Z0-1068 Practice Questions – 100% Passing Guaranteen 1-5

A developer is customizing the payment methods widget to enable the shopper to store a credit card when checking out.
The widget needs to add three properties to the payments object of the JSON authorization request when creating the
Each of the properties needs to be bound to a particular view model for the properties to be added to the payments
Which is the correct view model?
A. orderViewModel
B. widgetPaymentViewModel
C. cartViewModel
D. paymentViewModel
Correct Answer: B

What are two operational parameters that are configurable by merchants in the Commerce Cloud Administration UI?
(Choose two.)
A. SSO configuration
B. URL patterns for products and collections
C. Tax processor
D. Site enablement
Correct Answer: AC

What does a slot component reserve space in a layout to display?
A. a widget determined in real-time based on variable criteria
B. an ordered set of widgets specified in a tabular format
C. the header of footer of a page that contains configurable elements
D. a group of related widgets that constitute a composite shopper-based function
Correct Answer: A

What are the three main technologies employed in widget development? (Choose three.)
A. React
B. JavaScript
C. Node.js
E. CSS/Less
Correct Answer: ADE

Which is NOT a step involved in creating widget configuration settings?
A. Define the configuration settings string resources for all supported locales
B. Update widget template and JavaScript code to use the configuration parameters as required
C. Define the configuration settings in a config.json file
D. Compile the configurations before the widget extension is uploaded
E. Add the widget configuration settings folders and files to the widget extension structure
Correct Answer: D

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