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Which tool lets you change the group membership of a Service Access Control List?
A. memberd
B. netgroup
C. SACL Manager
D. Workgroup Manager

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 23
You want to install Mac OS X Server v10.4 on a remote Xserve. If the remote Xserve is booted from the installation disc, how can you connect to it?
A. via SSH
B. via SNMP
D. via a web browser

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 24
Which diagram best depicts the flow of data when you use Server Admin to change a Service ACL setting?
A. C

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25
You want to automate the backup of the databases in an Open Directory Master. To do so, you have created the command file called “backupOD”, shown below.
Which command will execute your command file?

A. sudo servermgrd command | backupOD
B. sudo serveradmin command | backupOD
C. sudo serveradmin command < backupOD
D. sudo serveradmin command -f backupOD

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 26
You want to write a script that will set up print queues. Your script will send commands via serveradmin. How can you discover which commands can be used with serveradmin?
A. Review the serveradmin schema stored in /usr/lib/serveradmin.
B. Use Server Admin’s debug feature to identify appropriate commands.
C. Enable verbose logging in servermgrd and review the commands in the log file.
D. Run serveradmin help print to see the full list of available print server commands.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 27
You are at your company’s San Francisco office, with no access to a Mac.
You need to reconfigure the AFP service on a company server in Chicago to allow standard authentication, in addition to Kerberos. The SSH daemon on the server in Chicago is disabled. The company’s WAN does NOT have any firewalls. How can you reconfigure the Chicago server from your San Francisco office?
A. Use an HTTPS client to access servermgrd and reconfigure AFP.
B. telnet into the Chicago server and reconfigure AFP using Sharing.
C. Use NetInfo’s socket interface to enable sshd, then SSH into the Chicago server and reconfigure AFP using Sharing.
D. Download the universal version of the Server Admin Tools from Apple’s website and install it on a Windows computer, then use Server Admin to reconfigure AFP.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 28
Identify a limitation of the diskutil command-line utility.
A. diskutil CANNOT create FAT or UFS file systems.
B. diskutil does NOT support volumes larger than 2 TB.
C. diskutil will NOT run when the computer is booted from the installation DVD.
D. diskutil CANNOT run in single-user mode without starting diskarbitration.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 29
You are logged into a server over SSH, and want to configure the server to boot from a different disk. Which command-line tool can you use?
A. pmset
B. scutil
C. serversetup
D. systemsetup
E. networksetup

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 30
Which tool can you use to set a server’s time zone?
A. pmset
B. scutil
C. systemsetup
D. networksetup

Correct Answer: C
You updated your Xserve Mac OS X Server to version 10.4.8, but now you want to revert to version 10.4. You will reinstall the software from the installation disc that came with your Xserve. Which installation option is available on the Mac OS X Server installation disc to accomplish this?
A. Revert
B. Install
C. Erase and Install
D. Archive and Install

Correct Answer: C
Which verb do you use with diskutil to create partitions on a disk?
A. formatDisk
B. partitionDisk
C. createVolume
D. createPartition

Correct Answer: B
Which command will allow you to view all share points that are configured to allow guest access using the Windows file sharing protocol?
A. sharing -l
B. fstab -msdos
C. netstat -p smb
D. networksetup -showSMBStatus

Correct Answer: A
You have booted several Xserves from Mac OS X Server v10.4 installation discs. Now you want to connect to one of the Xserves over the network using command-line tools. If each of the Xserves has only a dynamic, link-local address, how can you identify the target Xserve?
A. Use the command sa_srchr -id to light each Xserve’s system identifier light.
B. Use Terminal’s “Connect to Server” command to find the target Xserve’s IP address.
C. Use the command sa_srchr to display each Xserve’s IP address and Ethernet MAC address.
D. Use the command mdns to query for asipregistry service; active services will respond with an IP address and MAC address.

Correct Answer: C
You are configuring a new Xserve, and have been given an encrypted auto server setup configuration file on a thumb drive. The key to the encrypted file has been given to you by phone. How do you use the key?
A. Enter the key directly into the auto server setup file.
B. Enter the password at the Auto Server Setup Password prompt.
C. Enter the key into /System/Library/ServerSetup/Configuration/config.keys
D. Enter the key into a text file with the filename extension, “.pass”, and place that file in the same
directory as the auto server setup file. Correct Answer: D QUESTION 36
Which command-line tool can you use to disable AppleTalk on a server?
A. scutil
B. serversetup
C. systemsetup
D. networksetup

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 37
Which tool can you run on a Mac OS X client computer to remotely install software on a Mac OS X Server computer that has SSH disabled?
A. Installer
B. Server Admin
C. softwareupdate
D. System Preference’s Update application

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 38
Which scenario might motivate you to install Mac OS X Server using command-line tools over an SSH connection rather than using Server Assistant remotely?
A. You have disabled servermgrd on Mac OS X Server.
B. You want to use the RS-232 serial port to install the server software.
C. You want to install Mac OS X Server on several computers simultaneously.
D. You are installing Mac OS X Server from a client that is not a Macintosh computer.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 39
Identify an advantage of Fibre Channel cabling over SCSI cabling.
A. Fibre Channel supports longer cable lengths than SCSI.
B. Fibre Channel is an industry standard. SCSI is an Apple-specific technology.
C. Fibre Channel uses parallel architecture to achieve higher transfer speeds. SCSI uses serial architecture.
D. Fibre Channel is optimized for direct-attached storage. SCSI is generalized for multiple types of storage architectures.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 40
You are installing and configuring a server from the command line. Which command will help you locate a server that has been booted from a Mac OS X Server v10.4 installation disc, and resides on the network
A. /System/Library/ServerSetup/sa_srchr
B. /System/Library/ServerSetup/sa_srchr
C. /System/Library/ServerSetup/sa_srchr
D. /System/Library/ServerSetup/sa_srchr

Correct Answer: A
Which protocol must your network switch(es) support in order to use the link aggregation feature provided in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. IEEE 802.3ad
B. Adaptec Duralink
C. Cisco EtherChannel
D. Nortel MultiLink Trunking (MLT)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 42
servermgrd secures its communication with Server Admin using what technology?
C. 3-DES
D. AES-128

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 43
Which daemon has built-in support for some uninterruptible power supplies?
A. upsd
B. cupsd
C. launchd
D. configd

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 44
Which diagram best depicts the flow of data between Server Monitor and the Xserve hardware?

A. D

Correct Answer: A
Identify a difference between the command-line tool, serveradmin, and the graphical tool, Server Admin.
A. serveradmin gives you the ability to reboot the server. Server Admin does not.
B. serveradmin requires root access to make changes. Server Admin only requires an administrator account.
C. serveradmin communicates over encrypted port 311. Server Admin traffic is unencrypted and travels over port 687.
D. serveradmin only lets you start, stop, and display the status of services. Server Admin lets you start, stop, and display their status, as well as configure services.

Correct Answer: B
Which TWO commands can you use to acquire an HFS+ volume’s UUID? (Choose TWO.)
A. fstab
B. uuidgen
C. hfs.util
D. diskutil
E. mount_hfs

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 47
Which command helps you detect a process that is listening on the network, but is not generating any network activity?
A. netstat -a
B. tcpdump -X -s 0
C. route monitor -v
D. grep listeners /var/log/system.log

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 48
With which TWO processes does Workgroup Manager communicate? (Choose TWO.)
A. slapd
B. hwmond
C. netinfod
D. servermgrd
E. DirectoryService

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 49
You run a network trace on traffic to your Mac OS X Server and discover traffic on port 687. What is the MOST LIKELY explanation?
A. hwmond is running on the server.
B. LDAP replication has been enabled on the server.
C. Server Admin is communicating over unsecured HTTP.
D. An administrator has custom-configured Server Admin to use an alternative port.

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