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400-007 dumps 2023

What does the Cisco 400-007 exam look like?

The Cisco 400-007 exam primarily validates that candidates have the expertise to gather and clarify network functional requirements, develop network designs to meet functional specifications, develop execution plans, communicate design decisions and their rationale, and have expert-level knowledge.

The passing score for the 400-007 exam is 60%. The exam is 120 minutes long and costs $450 to take the exam.

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Below you can read free 400-007CCDE exam questions which are newly updated for 2023.

2023 Pass4itsure Cisco 400-007 Exam Questions – Free

Q1. Which two impacts of adding the IP event-dampening feature to a network design are true? (Choose two.)

A. It protects against routing loops.
B. It switches traffic immediately after a link failure.
C. lt speeds up link failure detection.
D. It reduces the utilization of system processing resources.
E. It improves overall network stability.

Correct Answer: DE

Q2. Which three elements help network designers to construct secure systems that protect information and resources (such as devices, communication, and data) from unauthorized access, modification, inspection, or destruction? (Choose three.)

A. confidential
B. serviceability
C. reliability
D. availability
E. integrity
F. scalability

Correct Answer: ADE

Q3. Refer to the exhibit.
An engineer is designing the network for a multihomed customer running in AS 111 that does not have any other Ass connected to it. Which technology is more comprehensive to use in the design to make sure that the AS is not being used as a transit AS?

A. Configure the AS-set attribute to allow only routes from AS 111 to be propagated to the neighbor ASs.
B. Use the local preference attribute to configure your AS as a non-transit\’\’ AS.
C. include an AS path access list to send routes to the neighboring ASs that only have AS 111 in the AS path field.
D. Include a prefix list to only receive routes from neighboring ASs.

Correct Answer: C

Q4. What is the most important operational driver in building a resilient and secure modular network design?

A. Dependencies on hardware or software that is difficult to scale
B. Minimize app downtime
C. Reduce the frequency of failures requiring human intervention
D. Increase time spent on developing new features

Correct Answer: C

Q5. Which two possible drawbacks should you consider when introducing Network Functions Virtualization in a network design? (Choose two)

A. Bandwidth utilization increases
B. Traffic flows are suboptimal
C. High-end routers are required to support NFV
D. OpenFlow must be supported in the network
E. An SDN orchestration layer is required to support NFV

Correct Answer: CE

Q6. Which undesired effect of increasing the jitter compensation buffer is true?

A. The overall transport jitter decreases and quality improves.
B. The overall transport jitter increases and quality issues can occur.
C. The overall transport delay increases and quality issues can occur.
D. The overall transport delay decreases and quality improves.

Correct Answer: C

Q7. Company XYZ is running OSPF in its network. They have merged with another company that is running EIGRP as the routing protocol. Company XYZ now needs the two domains to talk to each other with redundancy, while maintaining a loop-free environment.

The solution must scale when new networks are added to the network in the near future. Which technology can be used to meet these requirements?

A. multipoint route-redistribution with route filtering using ACLs
B. DUMP multipoint route-redistribution with route filtering using route tags
C. DUMPS single point route-redistribution with route filtering using route tags
D. DUMPS single point route-redistribution with route filtering using ACLs

Correct Answer: B

Q8. Which two technologies enable multilayer segmentation? (Choose two.)

A. policy-based routing
B. segment routing
C. data plane markings
D. firewalls
E. filter lists

Correct Answer: AD

Q9. DRAG DROP Drag and drop the design characteristics from the left onto the correct network filter techniques on the right. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Q10. A European government passport agency considers upgrading its IT systems to increase performance and workload flexibility in response to constantly changing requirements. The budget manager wants to reduce capital expenses and IT staff and must adopt the lowest-cost technology. Which technology choice is suitable?

A. on premises
B. private cloud
C. public cloud
D. hybrid cloud

Correct Answer: B

Q11. SDWAN networks capitalize on the usage of broadband Internet links over traditional MPLS links to offer more cost benefits to enterprise customers. However, due to the insecure nature of the public Internet, it is mandatory to use encryption of traffic between any two SDWAN edge devices installed behind NAT gateways.

Which overlay method can provide optimal transport over unreliable underlay networks that are behind NAT gateways?

C. IPsec

Correct Answer: C

Q12. You are designing a network running both IPv4 and IPv6 to deploy QoS. Which consideration is correct about the QoS for IPv4 and IPv6?

A. IPv4 and IPv6 traffic types can use queuing mechanisms such as LLQ, PQ, and CQ.
B. IPv6 packet classification is only available with process switching, whereas IPv4 packet classification is available with both process switching and CEF.
C. IPv6 and IB/4 traffic types can use a single QoS policy to match both protocols
D. Different congestion management mechanisms need to be used for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic types

Correct Answer: C

Q13. Related to the exhibit.
An engineer is designing a multiarea OSPF network for a client who also has a large EIGRP domain EIGRP routes are getting redistributed into OSPF, and OSPF area 20 has routers with limited memory and CPU resources.
The engineer wants to block routes from EIGRP 111 from propagating into area 20 and allow EIGRP 222 routes to How in Which OSPF area type fulfills this design requirement?

A. area 20 as a stub area
B. type 5 LSA filtering on the ASBR between EIGRP 111 and area a
C. area 20 as a NSSA area
D. type 3 LSA filtering on the ABR between area 0 and area 20

Correct Answer: C


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